The first British census was held in 1801 and, with the exception of 1941,there has been one every 10 years since.  Census enumerators distributed forms to heads of households and returned a few days later to collect the forms and help those who were illiterate to fill them in. Unfortunately census returns are closed to public access for 100 years to protect confidentiallity - so only census records for 1841 to 1911 are currently available

The following tables list extracts from the recorded census reports for Summerhill Road for the 1861,1871, 1881,1891,1901 and 1911 Census’s. Prior to 1901 the addresses were identified by house name rather than house number. If required Ray Swain at 11 Summerhill Road has full copies of the census returns for all 5 Census reports :


Click the following links for the Census Summary reports:

                           ODD NUMBERS

               EVEN NUMBERS



Regarding the the 1861 Census.for Summerhill Road, please note that the original handwriting and print quality is quite poor and has required some detailed interpretation. We cannot therefore be 100% certain that the information is accurate.

With effect from May 2009 the UK 1911 Census has been released. However this report is a departure from past practice as it is the first time that householders were required to complete their own forms. Consequently there will be a report for each household in Summerhill Road. We have managed to obtain a few individual pages but it will be a very timely and costly exercise to obtain records for the entire road. Hopefully this is something we can accomplish in due course



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