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Footnote from Ray Swain:

Connie and Harry Lloyd are those people you see about the area just walking past.  You know they don't live in the road but you get used to them and start talking and make friends with them.    Unfortunately Harry died three years ago, one of the nicest people you could know.   He helped many people in this road - he used to pick up broken bikes and toys around the streets and repaired them to give to kids less well off than others.    Many kids around this area had their first bike from Harry.   Once Harry was sheltering underneath the conker tree (No. 23) in a storm when it got struck by lightning and he got thrown to the ground by it.  He was very shocked and his face was very dirty from the dust from the tree and ground!   It really was a lightning strike.   All Jan O'Brien's (at No. 23) 'phones, computer and television were knocked out by this, plus electrical damage, and poor Harry was underneath the tree.   He likened it to be during the war when in the Navy and being under attack from the enemy.   It brought memories flooding back.   Their son John used to go to school with kids from this road, like Jackie Church who he had a schoolboy crush on, even to the point of clearing away all the kids from around the drinking fountain in the park so as Jackie could get a drink - very gallant!    (Story told by Alf Church - Jackie's Dad).   Also John's sister Wendy who worked in Breakspears the greengrocers in Philip Lane, a well known established shop, and Wendy got to know many of the residents of Summerhill Road, so although not living in the road, the family have strong ties with it.  

So it was a pleasure to have Connie along with us to celebrate our events - a really lovely lady and I for one am so pleased she has enjoyed it all, as this makes the effort worthwhile.

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Harry and Connie Lloyd

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