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We have recently received from a gentleman  named Jim Clark a wonderful collection of old photographs of Tottenham dating back to the 1960's - 1980's. We will eventually integrate them into our general collection of old photographs but at present they deserve to be shown as an original collection. We have attempted to group them into their specific areas of Tottenham.


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bruce_grove_woodside_gardens_1965.jpg (30368 bytes) bruce_grove_from_railway_bridge_towards_bruce_castle_1975.jpg (51407 bytes)
bruce_grove_1981.jpg (51478 bytes)


high_road_bruce_grove_station_1975.jpg (43767 bytes)



high_road_towards_bruce_grove.2_1980.jpg (41490 bytes)


high_road_towards_bruce_grove_1980.jpg (40909 bytes)

high_road-towards_police_station_1980.jpg (48330 bytes)


the_beehive_holcombe_road_tottenham_1980.jpg (42732 bytes)




holy_trinity_church_high_cross_1975.jpg (44546 bytes)


tottenham_high_cross_1980.jpg (33918 bytes)


forsters_almshouses_philip_lane_1979.jpg (40616 bytes)


ranelagh_road_philip_lane_1977.jpg (40040 bytes)
clyde_circus_tottenham_1980.jpg (35778 bytes)


clyde_road_tottenham_1980.jpg (50816 bytes)

clyde_road_towards_summerhill_road_1980.jpg (49484 bytes)





seven_sisters_road_towards_corner_cinema_1977.jpg (47167 bytes)

wakefield_pembroke_road_tottenham_1977.jpg (41037 bytes)

west_green_road_tottenham_1974.jpg (41945 bytes)

west_green_road_junction_braemar_road_tottenham_1973.jpg (41010 bytes)
summerhill_road_towards_west_green_road_1976.jpg (29908 bytes)  

west_green_road_je_green_tottenham_1976.jpg (39016 bytes)




broadwater_farm_estate_from_lordship_rec_1982.jpg (36734 bytes)

moselle_brook_lordship_rec_towards_broadwater_farm_1977.jpg (56543 bytes)

small_city_farm2_broadwater_farm-tottenham_1975.jpg (57662 bytes)

small_city_farm_broadwater_farm_tottenham_1975.jpg (37794 bytes)

risley_avenue_school_1986.jpg (50114 bytes)



Article prepared February 2014

                     OBITUARY - JIM CLARK

It is with deep sadness that we inform you Jim Clark sadly passed away in 2018.
Jim had always taken a keen interest in the history of Tottenham and was a  member of the 'Friends of Bruce Castle Museum' (FoBC).

He was also a keen photographer and we are pleased to inform you that we have recently discovered another small album of his photographs that date back to the 1970s. Once again we have attempted to group them into their specific areas of Tottenham.





Obituary and additional photographs - February 2019

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