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The following photographs have been kindly sent to us by Ellis Rees, the Grandson of Bob Banyard who was the original owner of the 'Joinery & Timber' shop in West Green Road..

The photographs capture the time of the 'Festival of Britain' in 1951 as the shop window display has models of the main attractions at the Festival site on the South Bank of the River Thames in London. The later pictures show the preparations being made along West Green Road for the 'Queen's Coronation' in 1953. These photographs are really quite captivating as they show those carefree days before the advent of heavy traffic and 'Health & Safety' regulations. Can you imagine the uproar were people today allowed to use such rickety old equipment to suspend banners from railway Bridges and in the face of oncoming traffic ?

Also note the prices of Excursions by rail to Newcastle, Bradford and Skegness etc !

Older residents of the West Green Road area may remember a character called 'Stocky' who would sell newspapers in the evenings from the  doorway of 'Joinery & Timber.  His cries of 'STAR-NEWS-STANDARD' would echo along West Green Road as he plied his trade. On Saturday night's there would be queues of customers waiting for 'Stocky' to appear running up West Green Road with the Classified editions of the newspapers that had the days Football & Racing results.

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Bob Banyard Shop Front - Festival of Britain 1951 Window Display -Festival of Britain
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Shop Display - Rawlplugs Anthony Banyard-Model Royal Yacht Britannia Shop Front - 1951
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Shop Front -Coronation 1953 Wallpaper & Paint Shop - Corner Braemar Road Shop Worker
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Seven Sisters Station-Coronation 1953 Seven Sisters Station -Coronation 1953

Prices of Excursions- Bradford 23/6d - Newcastle 30/- and Skegness 16/6d

Seven Sisters Station

West Green Road at Night-Coronation 1953

The shop was later to be sold to John Blythe who continued to serve the needs of those early DIY enthusiasts in Tottenham. Please refer to the story of 'Joinery & Timber' and it's operation in later years by clicking HERE

Prepared by Alan Swain - Oct 2010

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