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Lordship Recreation Ground, or the 'Rec' as most people fondly call it, was first opened to the public in 1936. The facilities available at the 'Rec' included the Shell Theatre, paddleboat pond and tennis courts.  However, for many past and present  residents of Summerhill Road, I suspect their fondest memories were of the 'Model Traffic Area' where many happy hours were spent during school and summer holidays. This was a unique facility for the children of Tottenham which first opened in 1938. Please refer to the following link to an article that was published in 'Weekly Illustrated' in August 1938:  (Click here -Newspaper feature)

You could hire a model car or bicycle to ride around the mini-road system. Alternatively, on payment of a small fee,  you could use your own cycle. There were also various pieces of play equipment sited within the landscaped areas of the road system, so that children were forced to cross the roads and thus encouraging road safety training There were miniature traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, roundabouts and even a miniature police call box.

The Model Traffic Area has been described as a unique example of a pioneering education facility and much loved by those who had the privilege to use it as children.

lordshiprec_trafficarea.jpg (55838 bytes)


lordshiprec3.jpg (107709 bytes)

'Model Traffic Area' - Photograph  Copyright Bruce Castle Museum

Opening Ceremony 'Model Traffic Area' - Photograph  Copyright Bruce Castle Museum


The following photograph is a wonderful panoramic view of the Model Traffic Area dating back to the early 1950's, and we are indebted once again to Bruce Castle Museum for allowing us to reproduce this picture on our website.

LordshipRec1948-52.jpg (48979 bytes)

Panoramic view of Model Traffic Area - dating  from the Early 1950's

Note: The playground equipment sited in the grounds and also the old 'Water Tower' in the background which was sited in Higham Road.   (Copyright; Bruce Castle Museum)


modeltraffic3.jpg (41501 bytes)


model_traffic_area_bbc_television_1949.jpg (69923 bytes)

'Model Traffic Area  1947' - Photograph  Copyright Bruce Castle Museum

'Model Traffic Area  -BBC Television 1949' - Photograph  Copyright Bruce Castle Museum'

Model Traffic Area - Road safety campaign 1951 Model Traffic Area - - Road safety campaign 1951

Model Traffic Area - Pedal cars in 1938 Model Traffic Area -Re-Opening poster 1947
The following two photographs date back to 1968 and were kindly sent to us by one of our regular contacts, Keith Fowler, and we acknowledge his permission for us to use these images on this feature.
modeltrafficarea_1968.jpg (57491 bytes) modeltrafficarea.2_1968.jpg (52743 bytes)
They say you should always remember things as they were or face disappointment and I am afraid this is very true of the Model Traffic Area. On a nostalgic trip back to Lordship Rec in 2003 I was surprised to discover that, after several decades of under investment and neglect by the local council, the whole area is now in a sad state of disrepair. The following photographs that I took during the visit help illustrate this point.
modeltraffic1_2003.jpg (80947 bytes) modeltraffic2_2003.jpg (69812 bytes)


Following the 70th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony in September 2010, I took the opportunity to look at the Model Traffic Area and the surrounding park again to see what state of repair the area was now in and I was pleased to see that, thanks to the efforts of the 'Friends of Lordship Rec', the area looked in much better condition and there had been no significant further dereliction of the facility. 
modeltraffic1_sept2010.jpg (80288 bytes) modeltraffic2_sept2010.jpg (83687 bytes)
lordship_rec_lake_sept2010.jpg (89267 bytes) lordship_rec_community_hut_2010.jpg (72272 bytes)


We have recently received from 'The Friends of Lordship Recreation Ground'  two wonderful aerial photographs that show the Model Traffic area in both 1945 and 1999. We acknowledge the permission given by them for us to reproduce the photographs below.
aerial_view_lordship_rec_1945.jpg (107232 bytes) aerial_view_mta_1999.jpg (58114 bytes)





Many people will also remember that, in addition to the Model Traffic Area, there was also the Boating Lake and Paddling Pool Area. This was very popular in the 1950's and 60's particularly on those hot Summer days which are of course the only ones we remember from our School Holidays. We must have had wet days but somehow we never remember them. The following photographs should bring back fond memories of those carefree days.

lordshiprec1.jpg (63492 bytes)


lordshiprec2.jpg (62892 bytes)

The Boating Lake at 'Lordship Rec' - Postcard Photograph C.1960 The Paddling Pool at 'Lordship Rec' - Postcard Photograph C.1960

Many will recall that the Paddling Pool was at the bottom of a series of mini-pools that cascaded down the slope from the Higham Road entrance of Lordship Rec. Behind the trees in the background was the Moselle Brook that also run through the Recreation Ground.

lordship_rec_water_cascade_1950s.jpg (33624 bytes)


lordship_rec_entrance_1934.jpg (48000 bytes)

'Lordship Rec -Paddling Pool Cascade' - Photograph  Copyright Bruce Castle Museum

'Lordship Rec -Entrance' - Photograph  Copyright Bruce Castle Museum




We have been contacted by a past resident of Tottenham who has fond memories of the Shell bandstand having once won a Fancy Dress competition there in the 1950's, and she has kindly sent us the following photograph of her dressed as a Piano. Apparently the small boy in the foreground was dressed as 'Three peas in a pod'

rita_mart_fancydress_shell_theatre.jpg (62426 bytes)

shr_shellbandstand.jpg (66865 bytes)


Rita Mart - Fancy Dress Winner - Shell Bandstand 

  (original photographer - R. Lawrence 36 Foyle Road)

'Lordship Rec - Shell Bandstand' - Photograph  Copyright Bruce Castle Museum


The following two photographs have been provided by Valerie Elbourn, who is a cousin of Rita Mart's, and they show her performing at a local talent show at the Shell Theatre in approx 1957. Valerie and her friend Daryl Ashford were 2 dancers from the 'Queenie Oakes School of Dance'

shell_theatre_rgregory1.jpg (53531 bytes) shell_theatre_rgregory2.jpg (73040 bytes)

Performers at local talent show - Shell Theatre 1957

      (Original photograph provided by Daryl Ashford who appears in photographs with Valerie Elbourn - Valerie far left wearing short skirt standing alongside Daryl) Valerie & Daryl were members of the 'Queenie Oakes school of Dance'


shell_theatre2.jpg (63856 bytes) shell_theatre_1956.jpg (69850 bytes)
lordship_rec_shell_theatre2.jpg (46725 bytes) lordship_rec_shell_theatre1.jpg (34160 bytes)
Photographs Shell Theatre -Lordship Recreation Ground - Courtesy of   Bruce Castle Museum



lordship_rec_opening_1932.jpg (86201 bytes)

Extract from Tottenham Herald -July 1932 to mark official handover of land to construct Lordship Recreation Ground

civil_defence_lordship_rec_ww2.jpg (69400 bytes) civil_defence_training_lordship_rec_ww2.jpg (66244 bytes)
lordship_rec_1939_air_raid_precautions.jpg (49903 bytes) lordship_rec_1939_air_raid_precautions2.jpg (51861 bytes)
lordship_rec_playing_field_1963.jpg (56562 bytes) lordship_rec_1961_punch_judy_show.jpg (77664 bytes)
lordship_rec4.jpg (42411 bytes) lordship_rec_dilapidated_toilets.jpg (80071 bytes)
lordship_rec6.jpg (52035 bytes) moselle_brook_flowing_thro_lordship_rec_2006.jpg (93894 bytes)
lordship_rec_towards_highamroadj.jpg (49336 bytes) lordship_rec_shell_theatre_2010.jpg (51507 bytes)
broadwater_farm.jpg (71008 bytes) lordship_rec_snow.jpg (45737 bytes)
paddling_pool.jpg (65023 bytes) lordship_rec_pond.jpg (47232 bytes)



We acknowledge the help of Chris Hall who has sent to us a selection of old photographs of the 'HARRINGAY FAIR' that apparently took place in the Rec back in 1969. These had been inherited from his father in the form of some old negative films that have since been converted to digital images. Note the early development of 'Broadwater Farm' in the background.

Chris has also provided some lovely old photographs showing the junction of Lordship Lane with Downhills Way. See old Tottenham  photographs feature to view these images.

harringay_show_4.jpg (37612 bytes) harringay_show_7.jpg (35060 bytes) harringay_show_9.jpg (32310 bytes)
harringay_show_12.jpg (27448 bytes) harringay_show_14.jpg (31001 bytes) harringay_show_15.jpg (30224 bytes)
harringay_show_16.jpg (30820 bytes) harringay_show_20.jpg (44826 bytes) harringay_show_22.jpg (50558 bytes)



The full story regarding the Downhills Shelter Tragedy, and the tragic loss of over civilian 40 lives in Tottenham, can be found elsewhere on the website but it is perhaps appropriate that we include some reminders from the special commemoration ceremony held in September 2010 that marked the 70th anniversary of the tragedy.

commemoration_70th_anniversary_shelter_tragedy.jpg (85746 bytes)


commemoration_collage.jpg (156465 bytes)



Sadly over many years Lordship Recreation Ground was allowed to fall into a state of disrepair, however, on a more positive note, we understand that in a recently published strategy document for 'Lordship Recreation Ground' there are plans to renovate and redevelop the facility which will also include a BMX track etc. Clearly this is not before time and hopefully the children in Summerhill Road today will be able to enjoy the wonderful experiences we had in our childhood.

Also included in the strategy documents are plans to renovate the Shell Bandstand. Apparently it was shaped like a shell for improved acoustics. (A forerunner for Sydney Opera House perhaps !) The shell was originally painted in delicate shades of yellow and green. The sunken auditorium seated 250 persons in deckchairs. A sunken garden in front and to the sides of the stage was planted in choice blooms and rock plants.

Let us hope that these redevelopment plans are realised for it will be a tragedy if these unique facilities from Tottenham's past are allowed to be destroyed.

The restoration of the Rec could not be achieved without the tireless work of 'The 'Friends of Lordship Recreation Ground' who are a group of like minded people committed to preserving this wonderful amenity for the residents of Tottenham.

Click HERE for more information on the work of  'The 'Friends of Lordship Rec'.


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