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spurs_cockerel_1934.jpg (48700 bytes)

Article published in the 'Daily Mail' on Saturday21st January 2006 which features the famous Spurs cockerel being reinstalled on the Stand back in 1934

danny_blanchflower_1961.jpg (46536 bytes)

Danny Blanchflower holding both the F.A Cup and the League Championship Cup in Spurs 'Double' season in may 1961 - Pictured at Tottenham Town hall.

spurs_double_team_photo1961.jpg (70274 bytes)

Spurs Historic League & Cup Double Winning Team 1961

Back Row: Bill Brown- Peter Baker - Ron Henry - Manager: Bill Nicholson - Danny Blanchflower - Maurice Norman - Dave Mackay

Front Row: Cliff Jones - John White - Bobby Smith - Les Allen - Terry Dyson

spurs_f.a._cup_1961.jpg (39579 bytes)

Spurs F. A Cup and Double Winnerrs - Pitchside celebrations May 1961

shr_tottenhamroyal1962.jpg (21318 bytes)

Crowds assembled outside the Tottenham 'Royal' at Spurs parade the trophies following their historic League & Cup Double win in May 1961

tottenham_royal_1961.jpg (45625 bytes)

A very rare colour photograph taken by one of our regular contacts of the crowds assembled outside the Tottenham' Royal' in 1961

spurs_parade_highroad_1961.jpg (51933 bytes)

Crowds lining the street along Tottenham High Road in 1961 waiting for the   triumphant SPURS to parade their Trophy's in their Double winning year.

spurs_bus_fa_cupparade_1961.jpg (57661 bytes)

spurs_1981_procession_high_road.jpg (47391 bytes)


The Bus with the SPURS players parading their 'Double' winning Trophy's in 1961.   This picture was taken as the bus passed along Fore Street Edmonton.


The lower picture shows the bus proceeding along Tottenham High Road having just passed the Spurs Ground.

spurs_cup_winners_cup_1963.jpg (48719 bytes)

The European Cup-Winners Cup being paraded by the players outside the Spurs ground in 1963. This followed their historic 5 -1 win  over Atletico Madrid in Rotterdam.

spurs_f.a_cup_1991.jpg (74136 bytes)

The victorious Spurs Team parading the F.A Cup along Tottenham High Road in May 1991.

bill_nicholson_pub_newspaperclip.jpg (106236 bytes)

This an extract from the North London Journal that announced the opening of the 'Bill Nicholson Pub' in Park Lane Tottenham. Pictured on the front page is the legendary Dave Mackay who was undoubtedly one of Bill Nicholson's finest players

spurs_pubsign_roundway_tottenham.jpg (40611 bytes)

Many SPURS supporters will remember the Public House of the same name that once stood along the Roundway in Tottenham close to its junction with  Lordship Lane. 

This is a photograph of the wonderful Pub Sign that once stood outside.

spurs_ground_1920s.jpg (54934 bytes)

spurs_stadium_1923_britain_from_above.jpg (120605 bytes)


A wonderful old photograph taken of the SPURS ground back in the 1920's.

Note the houses still standing along Paxton Road and Worcester Avenue long   before the building of today's stands.

We have since added another photograph from the

'English Heritage - Bitain from Above' website taken in 1923

aerial_view_spurs_ground.jpg (117790 bytes)

I had the good fortune to take a helicopter trip over the historic 'White Hart Lane' ground. With plans already in place to replace this with a new state-of-the-art stadium it will serve as a lasting memory of the wonderful games played here over the last century.

red_house_1883.jpg (51637 bytes)

This old photograph dates from 1883 before the current stadium was built. The Red House still stands at the entrance to the ground today. Just beyond the Red House is the entrance to what was White Hart Yard and the Nurseries beyond where the football ground was later to be constructed.

hr1965.jpg (31063 bytes)

This photograph dates from 1965 and was taken at almost the same location as above. The building to the right is the 'Tottenham & Edmonton Dispensary' which dates from 1864 and also precedes the building of the Spurs stadium.

Bill Nicholson pictures seated at his desk in the Red House offices.

spurs_ground_entrance_1978.jpg (44918 bytes)

This is yet another photograph dating from 1978 showing the Red House and the front entrance to the stadium

chocolate_factory_748_high_road_tottnm_19xx.jpg (32450 bytes)

This is a wonderful old photograph that shows "The Chocolate Factory" at what is now known as 'The Red House' - See picture above. By the appearance of the motor van it would suggest a date from circa 1920

The original copy of this postcard was sold on an auction Website for a sum believed to be approaching 500. This was the description for the sale:



748, High Road, Tottenham, Gt. London'. Also a company motor van standing in front. In the square at the top of the building is 'REDHOUSE HOTEL'. The building is still standing on the corner of Bill Nicholson Way. Photography by A.E.Brown, 100,High Road, Tottenham. Postcard is in good condition. Postally unused.

spurs_clock_red_house.jpg (29904 bytes)

spurs_clock.jpg (25258 bytes)

The historic 'Spurs Clock' that stood for many years above the old 'Red House' building fronting the Spurs Stadium on Bill Nicholson Way

spurs_clock_bruce_castle_museum.jpg (62642 bytes)


spurs_clock_plaque.jpg (38725 bytes)


Yet another historic 'Spurs Clock' that is displayed in the wonderful 'Bruce Castle Museum. in Tottenham.


The clock was presented to 'The Spurs' by local businessman

W. S Mudge in 1968 but dates back to circa 1840








thfc6524.jpg (33996 bytes)

This photograph dates from the 1920's and once again shows the Red House pictured to the right. As mentioned above the front entrance had previously been know as White Hart Yard.

new10.jpg (43320 bytes)

This is a more recent photograph and the entrance has now been renamed 'Bill Nicholson Way' in memory of the former manager from the club's 'Glory Glory' days.

spurs_ground_architects_drawing_1934.jpg (54498 bytes)

This is a copy of the architects drawing when plans were made to develop  the stadium in 1934. This remains largely the footprint of today's stadium.

paxton_road_1934_construction_new_stand.jpg (64990 bytes)

paxton_road_new_stand_construction_1934.jpg (66847 bytes)

These two photographs show the demolition of houses in Paxton Road prior to the construction of the new East Stand in 1934.

Editors Note: I have discovered from the 1911 Census that my grandfathers family were living at 37 Paxton Road at that time. It is possible that the houses being demolished could well have been his former home.

west_stand_under_construction_1934.jpg (53683 bytes)

This was the new East Stand being constructed in 1934. The East Stand today is essentially the same construction although modified a few times over the intervening years.
white_hart_lane_1938.jpg (49303 bytes) Spurs in action during home match at White Hart Lane 1938

entrance_spurs_high_road.jpg (32180 bytes)

This old photograph that appears to date back to the 1920's shows the front entrance to the Spurs ground on the left (now Bill Nicholson Way) and opposite the church of St Francis De Sales on the corner of Brereton Road.

northumberland_park_high_road.jpg (34297 bytes)

Another fine old photograph that should be recognised by any Spurs fans walking to the match from the direction of the Edmonton boundary.

The photographs shows Tottenham High Road leading south towards the Spurs ground. On the left is the junction of Northumberland Park Road and on the right the former offices of the 'Tottenham & Edmonton Herald' that occupied this site for many years.

Once again the photograph appears to date from perhaps the early 1920's. In the background, but not very clear in this reduced size of picture, is an old tram alongside a horse-drawn cart.

parkroad.jpg (43928 bytes)

An old postcard dating back to the early 1900's. Park Lane can be seen on the right just beyond the lamp post. The shutters would be where the Spurs Megastore stand s today.

highroadchurchroad.jpg (44397 bytes)

Yet another old postcard from the same era. To the left is Church Road and again Park Lane is on the right and the awnings is where the megastore is today. A few more people in this image. Perhaps it was a match day !

You can also just make out the Red House and Dispensary buildings at the entrance to the ground in the background.

trolleybus_spurs_v_qpr_1948.jpg (67185 bytes)

trolleybus_outside_spurs_oct_1948.jpg (59310 bytes)

trolleybus_Oct_1948.jpg (107112 bytes)


Some lovely old photographs taken outside the Spurs Ground for a home match against Queens Park Rangers in 1948.  It's wonderful to see the lines of old trolleybuses and how orderly the queues were formed. A stark contrast to today when most supporters use the Rail and Underground links and use their own vehicles to travel to the match.
ardiles_and_villa_white_hart_lane_1978.jpg (83312 bytes)

The arrival of Ricky Villa and Ossie Ardiles at Spurs in 1978. The signing of the Argentinean duo by Keith Burkinshaw was arguably the most sensational transfer coup of all time. It was at a time when virtually no foreigners played in the Football League, though no one who saw Argentina win the World Cup just a month before and were impressed by the skills of a Ardiles & Villa, could possibly have imagined they were soon to become legendary Spurs players..

Ricky Villa and Ossie Ardiles study the 'Tottenham Weekly Herald' which is reporting on their recent signing

spurs_team_1960s_boarding_coach_whl.jpg (103793 bytes)

Spurs Team boarding Coach outside White Hart Lane in 1960s.

Pictured from top:

Ron Henry - Frank Saul ?

Dave Mackay - John White - Bobby Smith - Bill Nicholson

spurs_entrance_cup_replay_cardiff_city_1922.jpg (66214 bytes)

The main entrance to the Spurs ground for the F.A Cup replay against Cardiff City in 1922. Regular fans will note from the buildings that very little has changed at the Main Entrance since that time.


Photograph: Courtesy of Getty Images

spurs_v_everton_postponed_29.11.1969.jpg (61831 bytes)

Another view of the main entrance taken in November 1969 following the postponement of the match against Everton

cliff_jones_last_spurs_goal.jpg (66133 bytes)



The wonderful Cliff Jones scoring his very last goal at White Hart Lane against Manchester United on the 9th Oct 1968 when the result was a 2-2 draw.

Cliff Jones served for 10 years at White Hart Lane from 1958-1968 and in that time he scored 159 goals in 378 appearances.

To this day he is still the 4th all time scorer for Spurs a wonderful achievement for such a slight man who was a winger and not not a striker. He was surpassed only by Jimmy Greaves (266) Bobby Smith (208) and Martin Chivers (174 goals)

This photograph is very special since he signed this copy to me personally.


The bottom photograph show Cliff making his debut for Spurs

map1900.jpg (67420 bytes)

This old map of Tottenham dates from approx.1900 which closely coincides with the move of the ground from Northumberland Park to its present position in Tottenham High Road. In fact you will note that the open land north of Park Lane still shows the nurseries that once occupied the site.

map.jpg (136826 bytes)

Another early map showing the location of the SPURS ground in Tottenham High Road.  Note that Worcester Avenue on the East side of the ground has not yet been built and Paxton Road extends around the ground with houses also backing on to the ground.
spurs_stadium_panoramic.jpg (64419 bytes) A panoramic View of the Spurs stadium as it appears today

spurs_ground_april_2012.jpg (66368 bytes)

Another Panoramic view taken during match April 2012

white_hart_lane-champions_league.jpg (53721 bytes)

Another wonderful Panoramic view taken on a Champions League night/

artists_impression_new_stadium.jpg (106978 bytes)

new_stadium_artists_impression_2012.jpg (74691 bytes)

Artists impressions of the planned new stadium for Spurs. Demolition of many of the old properties surrounding the existing stadium has now been completed and hopefully development of the new stadium will commence soon - September 2012

hms_hotspur_ships_bell.jpg (41815 bytes)

HMS HOTSPUR was a warship adopted by the people of Tottenham as part of the war effort. The Tottenham War savings launched their appeal to raise funds during the national warship week in March 1942. The ships crew came to visit Tottenham in 1943. The 700,000 bill to pay for the ship was paid off by 1948

The Ships bell and other memorabilia is on display at Bruce Castle Museum, Tottenham.

 HMS HOTSPUR was one of eight destroyers of the 'H' class and was the fifth ship to bear the name.  She had a very distinguished service during WW2 and was involved in a number of crucial battles including the attack on the German-held Norwegian port of Narvik in 1940 where she was badly damaged and had to cripple back to a safe port. She was also involved in escort duties for many of the larger vessels  of the British fleet that included the defence of Malta.

 HOTSPUR steamroller that was manufactured by 'Wallis & Steevens' of Basingstoke between the wars. She was on display at a transport festival  and it was also pleasing to see the plate 'DVANCE'located on her side. It was just a pity that the two nameplates were in Red/White.
spurs_IMG_3282.jpg (54049 bytes) The original Spurs cockerel that today has pride of place in the front entrance to the Spurs stadium

old_tottenham_ball.jpg (44797 bytes)

An old 'Tottenham Hotspur' football.. Note the old 'T' panels and the laces to protect the bladder inside. These ball used to be like puddings once wet and did it hurt when you headed the ball against the laces.

white_hart_lane_roadsign.jpg (49781 bytes)

Classic White Hart Lane road sign
spurs_card.jpg (111193 bytes) An amusing birthday card that I received many years ago, showing Steve Perryman - Cyril Knowles - Phil Beal and Roger Morgan in an uncomfortable position.
rebuilding_spurs_west_stand-entrance.jpg (63575 bytes) A wonderful photograph that shows the re-building of the Spurs West Stand taken in early 1981. It is poignant that hopefully we should soon be witnessing the demolition of the West Stand again to make way for the new stadium development
rebuilding_spurs_west_stand_park_lane.jpg (47991 bytes) Another photograph showing the demolition of the West Stand in early 1981. To the left of the stand is Park Lane with Tottenham High Road in the mid-foreground.



rebuilding_spurs_west_stand_paxton_road.jpg (56119 bytes)  

The final photograph that shows the Paxton Road end of the old West Stand showing the re-building in 1981. To the right of the photograph is the former Gymnasium and training facilty Tottenham High Road in the background.

We acknowledge the receipt of these photographs from Alan Robinson a devoted and loyal Spurs fan for over 60 years.

remembering_john_white.jpg (56001 bytes)  

The commemorative plaque in memory of the late great John White who was sadly struck by lightning while playing Golf at Crews Hill Golf Club in Enfield in 1964.



cup_final_1967_radio_times.jpg (100406 bytes) An extract from the Radio Times in 1967 showing the programme of events for the F.A Cup final against Chelsea.
dave_mackay_shop_seven_sisters_road.jpg (59821 bytes) The premises of Dave Mackay's. Tie Shop that was once situated on the corner of Seven Sisters Road and Westerfield Road.
spurs_team_1951.jpg (72678 bytes) A team photograph of the all conquering Spurs 'Push and Run' side from the 1951 season.
tottenham_hotspur-tottenham_marshe_ground_1885.jpg (68160 bytes) A team photograph showing the Spurs in 1885 when the team were still playing at the Tottenham Marshes ground.
spurs_team1907_08_season.jpg (63387 bytes) A team photograph showing the Spurs in the 1907-08 season. The team had now moved to their existing White Hart Lane ground.
hotspur_boots_spurs_handbook_myalls.jpg (40057 bytes)    hotspur_boots_read_myall_read.jpg (23610 bytes) These are advertisements for the 'Hotspur' brand of football boots that were very popular in the pre-war years.  The boots were sold by the local shoe shop chain of 'Myall's' who had premises in West Green Road and Tottenham High Road close to the Spurs ground.


For more information on the Myall's shoe shops in Tottenham please refer to the Tottenham History Snippets section where you will find a feature article.

cafe_royal_july_61_white_blanchflower_jones.jpg (62714 bytes) The Cafe Royal London July 1961 when Spurs stars John White, Danny Blanchflower and Cliff Jones celebrated their historic 'Double' success.
dave_clark_spurs_1960s.jpg (54460 bytes) Dave Clark Tottenham born and devoted Spurs fan pictured at White Hart lane in the 1960's.

Dave Clark's music publishing company was known as 'Spurs Music'

jayne_mansfield_spurs_late1950s-.jpg (62237 bytes) Legendary 1950's Film Actress Jayne Mansfield making an appearance in the Directors Box. Spurs v Wolves October 1959
jimmy_greaves_white_hart_lane.jpg (111032 bytes) Spurs legend Jimmy Greaves pictured outside Spurs stadium entrance 1960's
prince_of_wales_spurs_fulham_sandhurst_1921.jpg (129701 bytes) HRH 'Prince of Wales' kicking off in match played against Fulham at Sandhurst 1921

The victorious Spurs team being presented with the FA Cup by King George V - April 1921
swastika_half_mast_england_germany_whl1935.jpg (54963 bytes) The German Swastika flying at half-mast at White Hart Lane in December 1935 during a match between England v Germany..

The flag was flying at half-mast as a mark of respect to the late Princess Victoria.


spurs_mascot_clearing_pitch_1963.jpg (96787 bytes) The Spurs mascot attempting to clear the pitch of snow during the very harsh winter in 1963.
spurs_police_on_duty_1963.jpg (108546 bytes) Even the police had difficulty in braving the cold during

the bad winter of 1963.

spurs_old_front_entrance_1960s.jpg (68826 bytes) Former front entrance to White Hart Lane 1960's
spurs_team_1966.jpg (78422 bytes) The Spurs team boarding a coach outside White Hart Lane in 1966
tottenham_hotspur_1897.jpg (91084 bytes) Tottenham Hotspur Team - 1897
tottenham_hotspur_engine.jpg (48076 bytes) The railway engine 'Tottenham Hotspur' being viewed by loyal fans. The 'Football Class' B17  locomotives were designed by Sir Nigel Gresley who is more famous for designing both 'Flying Scotsman' and 'Mallard' but a fine pedigree nonetheless.

This is the original nameplate from the Locomotive that survives today at the Spurs training ground.

Permission has been given by THFC to reproduce this photograph.
dave_mackay_spurs_legend.jpg (67687 bytes) SPURS LEGEND - DAVE MACKAY (1934-2015)

Sadly Dave Mackay passed away 2nd March 2015 aged 80 years.

His former team mate Cliff Jones read a Eulogy at his funeral and here is a very small extract from his speech:

Dave has been described as a hard man, which he was, but he was also a naturally gifted footballer with a lot of skill. During the early 1960s Spurs were THE team and in 1963 became the first British side to win a European trophy. The year ended badly for Dave as he suffered a broken leg. He recovered only to break it again nine months later. That might have been the end for most players but Dave, showing his grit and determination, recovered full fitness and in 1967 captained Spurs to win the FA Cup against Chelsea.

In 1968, after nine years at Tottenham, Dave left the club and signed for Derby County, managed then by the enigmatic Brian Clough. Together they won the Second Division championship and Dave was voted player of the year by the Football Writers Association. Clough, like Bill Nick, recognised was Dave could bring to a team and always stated that Dave was his best-ever signing.

 A wonderful collage of Spurs legends most of whom you will redily recognise..

 Added: March 2016

 A collection of cigarette cards that show members of the Spurs team from the 1907-8 season. 

  Added: March 2016

 A photograph of the triumphant Spurs team who won the F.A Cup in 1921.  

  Added: March 2016

 Another great photograph taken of the Front Entrance to White Hart Lane in April 1962 when Spurs played their classic match against Benfica in the European Cup.   

  Added: March 2016

 A lovely photograph showing a wintry scene of the East Stand in Worcester Avenue.  

  Added: March 2016 

keep_calm_love_spurs.jpg (30583 bytes)

A lasting instruction for all true Spurs fans !

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