(1 Shakespeare Villas)


We have just completed a full house restoration and refurbishment project for this period Victorian house in Summerhill Road Tottenham and dragged it groaning and creaking into the 21st Century. During this process we have tried to retain many of its original Victorian features and to restore it proudly within this unique road in Tottenham that is renowned for its many different architectural styles and diversity. 

Over the past 165 years it has been a loving home to many families and endured two world wars, economic hardships and also time for celebrations. Here is just a small part of this heritage !













  We wish to acknowledge the help and support provided by the management and staff at Hunters Estate Agents (Tottenham Branch). They have worked tirelessly alongside us for over 2 years as we have struggled with all manner of problems associated with a major Refurbishment project. This had not been helped with the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic.
They are to be congratulated for their willingness, at all times, to go over and beyond what level of service we might reasonably expect from them. 

Article prepared by Alan Swain - January 2021

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