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Listed below are a number of excellent books relating to the Local History of Tottenham - The books can either be obtained from the Bruce Castle Museum, local bookshops in the Tottenham area or from on-line suppliers such as Amazon.com



Harris Lebus:  Loving Lebus - By Paul Collier

This is part 2 of the Lebus story. Lebus was a prolific furniture manufacturer and wholesaler. It’s furniture was much loved and was shipped throughout the world as well as the UK. Lebus proudly asserts a place amongst its contemporaries. In fact, Lebus has been described as ‘the litmus paper for the furniture industry’. Lebus worked with and supplied hundreds of retailers, from the smallest to the the giants, such as Maple and Co., Waring and Gillow and Heals. ‘Loving Lebus: Looking into Lebus Furniture’ places Lebus at the nexus of British furniture in the twentieth century. Whilst Lebus furniture takes centre-stage, we can also trace changes in style and tastes as well as how we used our homes. The author has selected a collection of the best images – advertisements, catalogue images and photographs of Lebus furniture pieces today in their original state or decoratively painted by professional furniture up-cyclers. Lebus furniture is enjoying a resurgence. Lebus Upholstery, based in Scunthorpe is a thriving business today. 




As the passage of time passes by the humble cup of tea becomes more elusive, it can now be served in a small individual tea pot with a small pot of milk next to it. No more of the big old double handed tea post with the tea left stewing inside and more water added. In the era of fast food like kebabs, pizzas, chicken takeaway’s and hamburgers the traditional old English Dinner has all but disappeared as have the establishments that used to sell them.

One has heard a café described as a disappearing world sheltered from the lates fads, corporate gimmicks and design trends, sheltered from an alienating and increasingly alien culture of globalised and sterilised shopping, eating and consuming.

I hope the stories contained within these pages give the reader a glimpse into the past and they find the stories entertaining and informative.

The Book can be ordered directly from: N.E Doyle, 8 Napier Road, Tottenham, London N 15 6XX

Cost £3.00




Harris Lebus: A Romance with the Furniture Trade

This book explores the history of the furniture manufacturer Harris Lebus from 1840 to 1970. Four generations of the Lebus family were engaged in the business which evolved from a family partnership into a public company. Using personal testimonies from those who were there, aspects of the story of 'the largest furniture factory' in the world are told through their eyes and using, in as far as possible, their own words.

Fully supported by both Haringey Local History Archives and members of the extended Lebus family, Harris Lebus - A Romance with the Furniture Trade, fully illustrated with over 200 photographs and images is a must read! Paul Collier’s debut book appeals to a wide audience – interest in this history extends far beyond the locality of Tottenham Hale and Haringey and will delight social historians and those with connections to the furniture trade, past and present.

The book has been researched and written by Paul Collier and can be obtained from Amazon or directly from the publishers https://www.libripublishing.co.uk/Products/ProdID=218

It is hoped that copies will later be available from Bruce Castle Museum.




 The Authorised biography of Bobby Buckle

Bobby Buckle was not just one of the founders of the Hotspur football team, he was at the centre of every major moment  in the developments off the field during the first 20 years of its existence.
On the pitch he was the team captain (at just 13 years old) in that first season and is the first known goal scorer in the club's history. A speedy winger he remained a mainstay of the side for 10 years.
He later served as Secretary, Treasurer and was one of the first directors when the Limited Company was established in 1898.
Copies of the book can be obtained from the Spurs shop:
Alternatively from Amazon or directly from


This is a most excellent book on the biography of Henry Hunnings, a former Tottenham man and member of the well known Hunnings family who operated their printing and photograph business in Tottenham High Road from the early-mid 19th century. An early pioneer in Photography, Henry Hunnings was later to find fame as the inventor of the carbon granule telephone transmitter.
The book has been researched and written by Alan Swain (York) and can be obtained from Amazon or directly from Alan himself at swain.alan@btinternet.com



This is a must read book for all you Spurs fans out there. Written by the journalist Mike Donovan, former Tottenham boy and life-long Spurs fan, the book contains the complete history of the Spurs since they were founded in 1882. Drawing on information from old photographs, journals and the memories of Spurs fans themselves It then paints a vivid picture of our old White Hart Lane ground right up to 'The Finale' in May 2017. It should take pride-of-place on your bookshelves as a lasting memory of our old stadium.
Available from all good bookshops, Amazon and Bruce Castle Museum.


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A fascinating little book on the the history of Pubs and Clubs of Tottenham that has been written and researched by local Tottenham Resident - Norrie Doyle.

The book is not available from bookshops but can be purchased directly from:

Norrie Doyle - 8 Napier Road, Tottenham, London N17 6XX



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The image of the Marshes has fluctuated over the ages, from a marginalised, even dangerous, are of floods and malaria, to clean open spaces used for agriculture and leisure. But they have in their own unique way reflected the changes and events of Tottenham as it passed from a Saxon settlement, to a feudal manor, and then a village parish and finally an urban town, following changes in agriculture, transport, population, industry and leisure.

This brief history of an often forgotten part of Tottenham follows this progress through the ages.




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A further edition in the 'Now & Then' series but this time in colour. Some wonderful illustrations and descriptions of familiar landmarks in Tottenham & Wood Green that captures the changing face of the area since the middle of the nineteenth century.

By Christine Protz and Deborah Hedgecock

Tottenham enjoyed a rural environment until the 19th century when a dramatic population growth stimulated by the railways, led to the explosion of people moving from London's congested streets to Tottenham. This history offers a chronological narrative of Tottenham's past and development, from its origins to the place it is today.

By Christine Protz

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A wonderful book that captures the events of the 'Tottenham Outrage' in January 1909

By: Janet Harris

A fascinating insight in Old photographs of the dramatic changes that have transformed the area over the past 100 years.

By: Chris Protz

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A collection of photographs recording the wartime history of Tottenham,Hornsey & Wood Green.

By :Deborah Hedgecock and Robert Waite

This lovely book recalls the many varied roles pubs have played in the social life of Haringey over the last two centuries.

By: Chris and Hazel Whitehouse

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Another collection of photographs 'Past & Present' that reveals the changes in Tottenham & Wood Green since the middle of the 19th Century.

By: Christine Protz & Deborah Hedgecock

This book chronicles the hidden history of the palace and details how it became home to German civilian internees during the First World War.

By:   Janet Harris

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A look at Victorian and Edwardian by-gone days of the London Borough of Haringey.

By: Peter Curtis

A wonderful book that details the history of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

By: Reg Goodwin


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