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Prior to 1881 the basic means of transport along the main road arteries serving Tottenham was by Horse and carriage. The arrival of the railways in the 1850's had generated a growth in population as people moved out to the then rural suburbs from central London when the notion of commuting to one's place of work became a practical reality. However it was not until the introduction of the horse-trams that public road transport really took off. North London Suburban Tramways built their first depot at the aptly named Tramway Avenue in Edmonton and it was in April 1881 when horse-trams first opened for public service on a route between Tramway Avenue and the Edmonton/Tottenham boundary. By the end of 1881 the route had been extended south to Stamford Hill and in January 1882 it had been extended north to Ponders End.

The company was certainly not reluctant in adopting modern technology because by 1885 the horse-trams had been partially replaced by steam-trams and the route extended with a connecting service between Seven Sisters Corner to Manor House and Finsbury Park. 

And so public road transport had arrived in Tottenham and by 1905 the steam-trams had been replaced by electric-trams and in 1908 the route was extended further north to Waltham Cross and another link created between Bruce Grove and Wood Green. During this time the service was to be operated by the North Metropolitan Tramways and later Metropolitan Electric Tramways(MET) before London Transport was established in 1933. .  

We have acquired a number of photographs over the past several years  from various sources and we have incorporated a number of them within this article. We will attempt where possible to indicate the location and approximate date of the photographs but I am afraid we have very limited technical information on the trams and trolleybuses etc that would appeal to the more serious bus and tram enthusiasts.

To the right is a diagram that shows the principle routes that ran through Tottenham. 

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Early Horse Trams

horsetram_tramway_avenue.jpg (39168 bytes)
Horse Tram leaving Tramway Avenue Horse Tram -Tottenham/Edmonton Boundary c1900
horsetram_scotlandgreen.jpg (61566 bytes) highroad_preparingforelectric_1903.jpg (44740 bytes)
Horse Tram approaching Scotland Green -High Road High Road- preparing for electric trams c 1903


Early Tram Car Photographs - By Bob Rust
The above photographs have been presented by Bob Rust (and his brother Bill) and show their Grandfather firstly standing alongside a Horse drawn tram at Tramway Avenue in 1895 and a few years later as the driver of one of the first electric trams as it passed through Bounds Green.  

Steam Trams operating in Tottenham

steamtram_highroad_c1889.jpg (58236 bytes) steamtram_highroad_c1887.jpg (45252 bytes)
Steam Tram - High Road c 1889 Steam Tram- High Road Tottenham c 1887

The steam trams were in operation for a relatively short period of time before being replaced by Electric Trams.


Tramway Construction Photographs - Linda Bonner

metropilitan_tramways_linda_bonner.jpg (51103 bytes)

tramway_company_linda_bonner.jpg (48479 bytes)

We are indebted to Linda Bonner who has provided these wonderful old photographs of tram-line construction in Tottenham. Linda informs us that her husband's Great-Grandfather, William Bonner, had lived in Tramway Avenue, Edmonton and worked for the tram company. In the 1911 Census he is working as a 'Horse Tower Wagon Driver' and his son (Linda's husbands Grandfather - Also William Bonner) was an apprentice engineer for the company. In the second photograph, William Bonner Jnr is pictured standing at the back of the lorry on the right hand side. The Bonner family were later to live in Flexmere Road close to Bruce Castle Park.



Early Electric Trams
electrictram_boundary_c1905.jpg (41447 bytes) tottenham_highroad_parklane.jpg (40855 bytes)
Electric Tram Tottenham/Edmonton Boundary  1905 Junction High Road/Park Lane 1908
tram_highcross_c1900.jpg (37800 bytes) tram_southtottenham_1909.jpg (36124 bytes)
Tram- Tottenham High Cross c1900 Tram- South Tottenham Station c 1909
tram_wardscorner_1904.jpg (38446 bytes) wards_corner_1913.jpg (49031 bytes)
Seven Sisters Road approaching Wards Corner 1904 High Road-Wards Corner 1913
tram_sevensisters_road_c1938.jpg (44725 bytes) tram_lordshiplane.jpg (30862 bytes)
Seven Sisters Road 1938 Tram- Lordship Lane
g.l.wilson_bruce_grove.jpg (39106 bytes) bruce_grove_cinema_1930.jpg (23964 bytes)
Bruce Grove 1938 Bruce Grove Road & Cinema 1930

tramcar_route_5_turnpike_lane_1938.jpg (36380 bytes)

TRamcar  Route 5 - Turnpike Lane Station - 1938

wood_green_tram_depot_c1937.jpg (55093 bytes)

Wood Green Tram Depot - Jolly Butchers Hill - 1937

trolleybus_conversion.jpg (74584 bytes)

Announcement about new Trolleybus service - 1938


The new trolleybuses were much more comfortable than the old trams. The Times in 1935 was full of praise for these modern machines and marvelled that ‘they are almost silent, not only in running but in stopping and starting’. London Transport replaced its trams with trolleybuses astonishingly quickly. Between 1935 and 1940 they converted about 70% of the huge tramways system. They soon had the largest trolleybus fleet in the world. Despite these advantages, few Londoners became as sentimentally attached to trolleybuses as they were to the old trams.



Trolleybuses operating in the Tottenham Area

hertford_road_tramwayavenue.jpg (50015 bytes) tramway_avenue_queue.jpg (48606 bytes)
Hertford Road Edmonton-Tramway Avenue Queue at Tramway Avenue Edmonton
trolleybus_route649_early1960s.jpg (46442 bytes) edmonton_broadway1.jpg (46113 bytes)
Route 649- leaving Tramway Avenue Depot 1960s On stand Edmonton Broadway 1960's
angel_edmonton_trolleybuses.jpg (50445 bytes) trolleybus_angel_edmonton.jpg (39234 bytes)
Angel Edmonton-Note 'Regal' cinema in background Junction Fore Street and Angel Road Edmonton

trolleybus_outside_spurs_oct_1948.jpg (59402 bytes)

trolleybus_spurs_v_qpr_1948.jpg (46806 bytes)
Trolleybuses Queuing -Spurs  v QPR 1949 Trolleybuses Queuing -Spurs  v QPR 1949 -View 2
snells_park_turning_circle.jpg (42827 bytes) tankard_smith1961.jpg (40570 bytes)
Turning Circle-Snells Park- On Spurs duty ! High Road - Junction Broad Lane 1961
route_623_rudds_corner_west_green_rd_1960.jpg (36561 bytes) route_627_seven_sisters_st_annes_rd_1960s.jpg (40097 bytes)
Junction Rudds Corner -West Green Road & High Road 1960 Seven Sisters Road and St Annes Road 1960
stamford_hill.jpg (41961 bytes) stamford_hill_amhurst_park.jpg (48368 bytes)
Stamford Hill Junction Stamford Hill- leaving Amhurst Park Road
trolleybus_coliseum_cinema_green_lanes_1960.jpg (47985 bytes) trolleybus_harringay_stadium_1960.jpg (33143 bytes)
Coliseum Cinema Green Lanes Haringay 1960s Entrance to Harringay Stadium- Green lanes 1960s
trolleybus_wood_green_jolly_butchers_hill.jpg (50313 bytes) trolleybus_wood_green_jolly_butchers_hill2.jpg (45324 bytes)
Jolly Butchers Hill -Wood Green 1960s Jolly Butchers Hill - Wood Green 1960s


Assorted Tram and Trolleybus Memorabilia

trolleybus_symboljpg.jpg (13614 bytes) trolleybus_drawing_eagle_comic_1961.jpg (19073 bytes)
Trolleybus Logo Trolleybus illustration - Eagle Comic 1961
brochure_1937.jpg (17545 bytes) bus_ticket_machine.jpg (13507 bytes)
Trolleybus Brochure 1937 Bus Ticket Machine
trolleybus_ticket.jpg (3893 bytes) trolleybus_assorted_tickets.jpg (12528 bytes)
Trolleybus Ticket Trolleybus Ticket Assortment
ticket_rack.jpg (15690 bytes) trolleybus_interior_colour.jpg (17044 bytes)
Ticket Rack Trolleybus - Seat Upholstery
trolleybus_upper_deck.jpg (18499 bytes) trollebus_post_war_interior.jpg (17977 bytes)
Trolleybus - Upper Deck Trolley Bus - Lower Deck
trolleybus_staircase.jpg (13615 bytes) trolleybus_conductress_1947.jpg (11920 bytes)
Trolleybus Staircase Trolleybus - Conductress 1947


Buses -Early Post-Trolleybus era

The now iconic Routemaster entered service in 1959, replacing trolleybuses. Previous diesel buses had already replaced London's trams. In the 1990s London's bus use increased for the first time in 50 years, due to improved service.
omnibus_route_186_tottenham_richmond_1920s.jpg (40072 bytes)

early Omnibus - route 106 Tottenham to Richmond- c 1920

route_73_marble_arch_1931_en_route_tottenham.jpg (42079 bytes)

Route 73 Marble Arch - En-route Tottenham

route_176_tottenham_apr1931.jpg (37241 bytes) route_176_tottenham_apr_1931.jpg (36704 bytes)

Pictured left and above -Route 176 circa 1931

route_41_turnpike_lane_1949.jpg (45862 bytes) interior_lower_saloon_london_rt_bus_1950s.jpg (33341 bytes)
Route 41 Bus -Turnpike Lane 1949- last day of service for 6 wheel model Interior of old London Transport RT Bus
philip_lane_171bus.jpg (59828 bytes) philip_lane_171bus_2.jpg (33586 bytes)
Route 171 Bus on Stand at Bruce Grove Route 171 -Central London- on route-Tottenham
route_171_high_road_may1970-.jpg (54806 bytes)

Route 171 -High Road & Chesnut Road - May 1970

route_259_chesnut_road_1980.jpg (48161 bytes)

Route 259 - Chesnut Road -1980

41_bus.jpg (12106 bytes) 76bus_route.jpg (22990 bytes)
Old Route 41 Bus- Tottenham Hale to Archway. Old 76 Bus - Tottenham to Victoria Station
41_bus_tottenham.jpg (19345 bytes) 76bus_tottenham.jpg (21202 bytes)
Route 41 Bus- Routemaster Route 76 Bus crossing Waterloo Bridge

route_73_special_edition_tottenham_garage.jpg (46657 bytes)

route_76_special_livery_high_road_broad_lane_1979.jpg (38648 bytes)
Route 73 -Special Livery - Leaving Tottenham Garage Route 76-Special Livery - High Road & Broad Lane 1979
route171_routemaster.jpg (13791 bytes) eastern_national_wood_green_1977.jpg (18058 bytes)
Route 171 Bus - Routemaster Eastern National Bus - Wood Green 1977
route_41_bus.jpg (18963 bytes) route476_high_cross_1998.jpg (18369 bytes)
Route 41 Bus Route 476 Bus-High Cross 1998
route73_central_london.jpg (38397 bytes) route73_tottenham_garage.jpg (34184 bytes)
Route 73 Bus- central London Route 73 Bus leaving Tottenham Garage
tottenham_garage_no73_bus.jpg (39803 bytes) routemaster_bus_1963.jpg (20281 bytes)
Route 73 Bus - Tottenham Garage Routemaster Bus 1963

tottenham_bus_garage_1936.jpg (37979 bytes)

Tottenham Bus Garage - 1936

west_green_bus_garage_1959.jpg (57207 bytes)

West Green Road Bus garage -Willow Walk - 1959


Tottenham Bus Garage

Route 230 - Junction High Road/ West green Road

Route 41 Junction High Road -Broad Lane 1970s

Eastern National Bus -High Road /Broad Lane

Route 41 - Turnpike Lane 1949

Turnpike Lane Bus Islands 1968

Route 29 Turnpike Lane 1987

Route 144 Westbury Avenue 1970s

Route 41 West Green Road - 1970s

Route 171 - Bruce Grove 1980

Trolleybus on Stand - Wood Green Broadway

Ole Bill- Famous WW1 Omnibus - Tottenham Garage


tony_tottenham_bus_canada2008.jpg (33894 bytes)                                       destination_blinds.jpg (49056 bytes)

And finally... My cousin Tony Palmer, who now lives in Canada, spotted this bus when driving to the

Niagara Falls area. So now you know where some London Buses eventually end up !

Some nostalgic destinations on Bus roller binds

Prepared by Alan Swain - December 2009

Updated - July 2012. - Route 41 Bus at Turnpike Lane 1949 plus interior  - Trolleybuses at Spurs 1949 - Special Livery Buses in 1979 and Trolleybuses - Rudd's Corner and Seven Sister Road 1960

Updated January 2014 - Route 106 Omnibus & Route 176 Bus from 1931 - Route 171 crossing Chesnut Road- Trams Turnpike Lane and Wood Green Garage -Tottenham Garage and West Green Road Garage.

Updated March 2016 - New series of photographs - see labels above

Updated June 2016 - New photographs of early trams presented by Bob Rust

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