31, Birkbeck Road,
                                                                                         Tottenham, N17
                                                                                  Friday 19th Feby. 65

To Arthur & Anne,
Dear Friends.
Thanks for your interesting letter, and the enclosed photos of you and your
Grandchildren. Also the DOG.
Very nice too.

And I notice that you have a very nice garden. Plenty of roses in bloom.
We can almost smell them. Almost like the few we have in our little
mud-pack. No, we have not changed much in Birkbeck Road over the years.
The greatest change we notice is, that as the old tenants move out, The homes
are soon occupied.
Very pleased to hear that you both are keeping well. And we hope enjoying
“Country Life”. Well it used to be. Of course it has its advantages, And at
Times just the reverse.
But I must say you both look well on it. And we must not grumble I suppose.
We manage to get around quite well providing there is not too much walking.
For Mum will shortly be in her 76 year, and I am turned the 80th. And last
year we spent a very pleasant day at Clacton. Also had a very pleasant day at
Dr L Hussey’s home near Worthing. But sorry to say he passed away after a
very painful illness.
So that leaves our original 28 men of the Shackleton Expedition with 6.
But we keep in touch.
And get together as often as possible. But on Jany 22nd our club members
i.e. the Antarctic Club held its Annual Dinner at the Criterion Restaurant,
A grand evening & Mum with a Lady friend spent the evening at the Odeon
picture house in the Haymarket & saw Mary Poppins. And picked me up at
10’30 Then off home BY.CAR. Oct 22 We were invited by the Polar Research                      Institute to attend a sit down Buffet.
Plenty of the best eats & drinks. After that the original film which was taken
in the Antarctic during the years 1914-16. Just too wonderful to describe &
it brought back many memories of men, the ship Endurance & our 70 sledge
And after that we were taken to Ashton Manor, Northampton the home of
James & Margery Fisher who wrote & published the Auto-biography of Sir
Ernest Shackleton. And we spent a wonderful time with them. And arrived
home here the following day.
Now I am sorry to say that your friend Mr. Judd passed away 3 or 4 years
Ago& unfortunately he went blind some time before. And I should much have
Liked to hear you “Leading Off” over that wonderful book “South”.
So that’s all for the present.
With all best wishes to you both.

Yours very sincerely.
Walter & Ellen How.



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