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tower_london_poppy_display_october_2014.jpg (88362 bytes)



DIED:  9thth October 1917  age 34

ADDRESS: 431 Seven Sisters Road

OCCUPATION (Pre-War): Plasterer

t.h_bedford.jpg (45563 bytes)


Thomas Henry (Harry) Bedford was the eldest son of Thomas Henry Bedford (Who was also known as Harry) and Sarah Anne Bedford. The family of Harry Bedford Senior were living at 51 Belmont Ave, West Green, Tottenham.

Thomas Henry (HARRY) Bedford Junior was one of 6 children but at the time of the 1911 census aged 27 years he was married to Alice Maud Bedford and living at 431 Seven Sisters Road. Harry & Alice had two children. Yet another Thomas Henry Bedford (Age 7) and Edward George Bedford (Age 5).

Otherwise known as Harry. ('Big' Harry). His own son by the same name b.1903 was known as ('Little' Harry).

Harry was killed on the 9.10.1917. He served with the Royal Army Medical Corps and was sadly lost to the family during the 3rd battle of the Ypres offensive at Passchendaele. His name appears on panel no.160 of the Tyne Cot Memorial, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium.

harry_bedford_west_green_memorial.jpg (38675 bytes)

We are indebted to Alan Robinson for providing a photograph of his Great Uncle - Thomas Henry (HARRY) Bedford



DIED:  31st July 1917  age 48

ADDRESS: 1 Terront Road, West Green

OCCUPATION (Pre-War): 1911 Manager of Public House

f.f.w.bindoff.jpg (49652 bytes)


At the time of the 1911 census Frederick was a widower and boarding at number 1 Terront Road along with a further 3 boarders. His place of birth was given as Kingston, Surrey.

One can only speculate but, assuming he lived close to his place of work, it was likely he could have been the publican at The BlackBoy Inn- The Fox or perhaps the Original Dagmar in Cornwall Road.

At the earlier 1901 Census, Frederick Bindoff was a publican at 123 Shoreditch High Street, London along with his wife Louisa and children Dorothy, Philip an Ethel. This must have been a large establishment as there were also 9 members of staff living at the same address.

His son Philip was aged 2 in 1901 and served for his country in the later stages of the war. There is a record for a Philip Edward Bindoff who died on the 17th May 1917 serving in the 6th (city of London) battalion of the London Regiment. His address was given as Holloway. This would suggest that Philip had died just over 2 months prior to his father.



DIED:  23rd November 1917  age 19

ADDRESS: 39 Culross Road, West Green

OCCUPATION (Pre-War): Schoolboy in 1911

c.h.bunting.jpg (65093 bytes)


Charles was the son of David and Emily Bunting of West Green.

At the time of the 1911 Census his father, David Bunting, was employed as a Coal Porter and the family were living at 23 Derby Road, West Green.

At this time Charles was a schoolboy aged just 12 years.

Prior to that in the 1901 Census the family had lived in Campsbourne Road Hornsey. The family name had originated from Debden in Essex.

Charles also had a younger brother, Edward David Bunting.



DIED:  27th November 1917   age 19

ADDRESS: 24 Netherton Road, S Tottenham

OCCUPATION (Pre-War): Schoolboy in 1911

f.a.cheshire.jpg (44795 bytes)


Frank was the son of Marcus and Sarah Jane Cheshire of South Tottenham.

At the time of the 1911Census his father, Marcus Cheshire, was employed as a Boot Repairer and the family were living at 12 East Crescent, Hermitage Road, Tottenham which also appears to have been his shop.

At this time Frank was a schoolboy aged just 12 years.

Frank was one of 9 Children. He had two elder brothers, Horace Cheshire and Percy Cheshire. It is not known if his 2 brothers also served in the war.

Frank also had six younger sisters. Doris, Florence, Gladys, Alice, Rose & Lily.

Rose and Lily were twins aged just 10 months in 1911.



DIED:  21st August 1917  age 23

ADDRESS: 14 Bernard Road, South Tottenham

OCCUPATION (Pre-War): Shop Assistant-General Clothiers

g.e_clarke.jpg (49910 bytes)


George was the son of Ernest and Sarah Clarke and he was the second eldest of 4 children. At the time of the 1911 census the family were living at 10 Victoria Road, Broad Lane, Tottenham,

His father Ernest Clarke was a goldblocker in the bookbinding business.

George had an elder brother Alfred Clarke (Age 25), a sister Emily Clarke age 21 and a younger brother Charles Clarke age 19. It is not known if Alfred or Charles also served in WW1.



DIED:  24th November 1917   age 21

ADDRESS: 8 Hartington Terrace, West Green

OCCUPATION (Pre-War): Milk Boy  in 1911

c_faultless.jpg (41924 bytes)


Charles was the son of Henry and Eliza Faultless of West Green. Their address at 8 Hartington Terrace was a local area of West Green known as Spratts Row. This was located quite close to Robins Mission and as such would have been within just a stone’s throw of the memorial.

At the time of the 1911Census his father, Henry Faultless, was employed as a Carman and Labourer. There had been 8 children born to the family but 3 had died in infancy. This large family lived in just 3 rooms.

At this time Charles was employed as a Milk-Boy and was aged just 14 years.

In 1911 he also had an elder sister, W Grace Faultless and younger siblings named Elizabeth (13) Henry (9) and Mary (3).



DIED:  16th August 1916  age 21

ADDRESS: 136 Roslyn Road, West Green

OCCUPATION (Pre-War): Van Boy in 1911

j.a.w_frost.jpg (43048 bytes)


John Albert W Frost was the son of James and Mary Ann Frost and at the 1911 Census the family were living at 29 Richmond Road, South Tottenham.

His father James Frost was employed as a Labourer. He and his wife Mary Ann had 6 children born to their marriage.

John was the oldest child and was aged 15 years in 1911. He had 2 younger brothers Arthur (13) Edward (9) and 2 sisters Mary (6) and Violet (2). All of the children were born in Tottenham and surprisingly the family lived in just 2 rooms in Richmond Road.

We have discovered that one of our regular contacts, Sheila Brimmer (Nee Frost) who now lives in Australia, is related to the family and John A.W Frost would have been her Uncle.

joseph_frost_seated_and_john_frost_ww1.jpg (36178 bytes)



DIED:  31st May 1916 age 17 – HMS DEFENCE

ADDRESS: 15 Lawrence Road, West Green

OCCUPATION (Pre-War): Schoolboy in 1911

w_killingbeck.jpg (36913 bytes)

William Henry Killingback was the son of James and Mary Jane Killingback and at the 1911 Census the family were living at 15 Lawrence Road. The CWGC Citation spells the name as Killingbeck but in all other records its spelt as Killingback.

His father James Killingback was employed as a Council Carman. He and his wife Mary Jane had 8 children born to their marriage but 4 had died in infancy.

William had an elder brother named Joseph Killingback who was aged 17 years in 1911 and most probably also served during the war. He also had a sister Rose Margaret (9) and brother George Albert (3) in 1911.

The family of 6 had lived in just 3 rooms in Lawrence Road



DIED: 20th May 1918   age 35

ADDRESS: 39 Cornwall Road, West Green

OCCUPATION (Pre-War): 1911 Builders Labourer

g_loveday.jpg (48704 bytes)


George was married to Lucy Rose Loveday and they had 5 children born to their marriage but 2 had died in infancy.

At the time of the 1911Census George his family were living at 39 Cornwall Road and had just 3 rooms.

George left 3 surviving children who in 1911 were aged: Arthur (9) Charles (5) and Louisa (3)

The two elder children had been born in Islington and only Louisa in Tottenham which suggests that the family had only moved to Tottenham in about 1908



DIED:  20th Sept 1917  age 20

ADDRESS: 34 Clonmell Road, Tottenham

OCCUPATION (Pre-War): 1911 Builders Labourer

d_mccaskill.jpg (52292 bytes)


Donald was the son of William and Alice McCaskill of 34 Clonmell Road, Philip lane, Tottenham.

We could find no record for the family in the 1911 Census but did discover the family living in Islington in 1901.

William McCaskill was employed as a postman and had been born in Southorpe, Norfolk while His wife Alice was born in Islington.

Donald was aged just 3 years in 1901.



DIED:  5th November, 1918  age 27

ADDRESS: 70 Scales Road (1911)


Boot Operative (Heeler) Boot Manufacturers

j.h.ward.jpg (48695 bytes)


Jack H Ward was the son of James W Ward and E.E Ward. He was one of 8 children born to their marriage. Four Sons and Four Daughters. (No Christian names on Census).

At the 1911 Census the family were living at 70 Scales Road Tottenham. Four members of the family were all working for the same company which we suspect must have been Flateau at Tottenham Hale.

Jack had been born in Clerkenwell. From their ages in 1911 it would seem unlikely that his 3 younger brothers would have served in WW1.

Jack Ward was posthumously awarded the Military Medal for his bravery in the field of action:

“For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty as stretcher-bearer. He repeatedly faced heavy fire to rescue wounded men, bringing in no less than twelve, one of whom was shot dead in his arms. His gallant conduct was the talk of all who witnessed it”

We suspect that Jack was a local hero in Tottenham following the award of his DCM and Military Medal. We have discoverd a few references to his bravery in old editions of the Tottenham Herald.




c.s_bethell.jpg (50473 bytes)

 e.m_bethell.jpg (40904 bytes)

h.e_bethell.jpg (57640 bytes)




poppy_wash.jpg (6261 bytes)


Charles S Bethell :                   Died 29th October 1914 age 29
Ernest Montague Bethell:   Died 31st May 1916 Aged 26 (HMS DEFENCE)
Herbert Edward Bethell:      Died 27th June 1918 Age 30
Arthur Raymond Bethell      Died Q2 1918 St Albans Herts


Perhaps one of the saddest discoveries from the list of names on the memorial. They were 4 of the sons of Henry Bethell and Helen Mary Bethell of 57 Stanley Road, West Green Tottenham. We cannot find any citation from the CWGC for Arthur Bethell.

At the time of the 1911 Census the family were living at 56a Abbotsford Avenue, West Green. Their mother, Helen Mary Bethell, was shown as a widow and there appeared to have been 5 possibly 6 sons born to her marriage with her late husband Henry Bethell. Ernest was a Greengrocers Assistant aged 21 years- Herbert was a Carmen for a laundry aged 21 years and Arthur was a Builders labourer aged 23.

We have discovered that in 1911 Charles Slingsby Bethell age 24 was serving as a Private in the 2nd Battalion Gordon Highlanders possibly with his regiment in India.

10 Years earlier in 1901 the Bethell family were living in Roslyn Road, Tottenham
On his certificate, at the time of his death, Herbert was married to Martha Pollard Bethell at 12 Albert Road, South Tottenham.

It was interesting to note that Ernest Bethell had died aboard HMS DEFENCE in May 1916 as was William Killingback from Tottenham whose details are shown in an earlier listing.

It is not known for certain if the remaining brothers, Percy Bethell, served in WW1!

We have found an Arthur Bethell from St Ann’s Road who signed up in 1915 and a Death of an Arthur Bethell in St Albans in Q2 1918. It is possible he returned home from the war injured but died close to his place of birth in Kings Langley Herts. There is also an A.R Bethell on the West Green Memorial which would suggest it was actually four of the brothers who died.




henley_albert.jpg (57018 bytes)

henley_frank.jpg (58126 bytes)

henley_george.jpg (56455 bytes)

 poppy_wash.jpg (6261 bytes)


Albert  HENLEY:    Died 13th   May 1915 - Age 28  (HMS GOLIATH)
Frank    HENLEY:    Died 22nd Sept 1914 - Age 29   (HMS CRESSY)
George HENLEY:    Died 1st     Nov 1914 - Age 32   (HMS GOOD HOPE)


This is an example of yet another family tragedy that befell the HENLEY family from Abbotsford Avenue. They were 3 of the sons of George Henley and the late Charlotte Henley of 41 Abbotsford Avenue. All three sons had been born in Barnsbury, Islington before moving to Tottenham but were lost to their parents in a period just short of 8 months in WW1

We first found the HENLEY family in the 1901 CENSUS  living at 26 Minster Road, St Ann’s. We had some difficulty in locating the family in the 1911 CENSUS but eventualy found them living at Leopold Terrace, Blackboy Lane, although not all of the sons were resident at this time. (Due to a transcription error the family had been recorded as HENBY in the 1911 Census).

It is interesting to note that prior to moving to Stanley Road the BETHELL family, who’s profiles are shown immediately above, had lived at 56a Abbotsford Avenue. It is therefore safe to assume that both the BETHELL and HENLEY families were known to each other before the war and that their respective sons were also once close friends.





DIED:  31st March 1917 age 35

ADDRESS: 48 Avondale Road, West Green, Tottenham

OCCUPATION (Pre-War): 1911 Milk Carrier

thomas_pearce_ww1_war_memorial_west_green.jpg (54154 bytes)

Private 11353, 8th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers (City of London)

Regiment. Killed in action Saturday 31st March, 1917.

Thomas was born in Finsbury Park but spent much of his early years in the village of Pirton near Hitchin where his family originated. His family moved back to Holloway in c 1882.

By 1901 Thomas was married To Margaret Ellen and had 3 children.

In the 1911 Census we find Thomas (age 28) and Margaret Ellen (age 27) living at 220 Langham Road, Tottenham along with his  three children, Thomas, David and Alfred.
Thomas's occupation was a Milk Carrier.

thomas_pearce.jpg (19281 bytes) thomas_pearce_grave.jpg (33894 bytes)

We are indebted to Neil Pearce for providing this information about his Great Uncle - Thomas Pearce.




DIED:  18th July 1915  age 44

ADDRESS: 34 Brunswick Road, West Green Tottenham

OCCUPATION (Pre-War): 1911 Porter-Cabinet Factory

g.sellier_ww1_memorial.jpg (78519 bytes)


George Lincoln Sellier was born in Kensington London c 1870

George was a merchant seaman serving aboard S.S Batoum. George joined the merchant navy on 3rd September 1914 and his duty was a fireman. His death registration says he was killed by an enemy submarine off Southwold Suffolk and apparently he was the only victim. One of the first in WW1 to be killed by torpedo action.

George is also remembered on the Tower Hill Memorial and the Felixstowe Memorial in Suffolk.

We have subsequently discovered that his ship S.S Batoum was refloated and put back in service but apparently was sunk again later in the war.

At the 1911 Census George was living at 34 Brunswick Road along with wife Agnes and four young sons- George - Donald John & Robert. His occupation was a porter at a Cabinet Factory and given his location this was likely to be Harris Lebus at Tottenham Hale.




DIED:  28th March 1918  age 23

ADDRESS: 10 Summerhill Road, West Green Tottenham

OCCUPATION (Pre-War): 1911-Bricklayer

daniels_albert.jpg (54585 bytes)

Son of John and Elizabeth Daniels, of "Alberta", Elm Rd., Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. Clearly the family had moved to Essex after the war but they had formerly Lived at 10 Summerhill Road Tottenham (1911 Census).

Albert had been born in Tottenham in 1895 and was one of five children

Albert Daniels was one of several men who had lived in Summerhill Road and had died in WW1 although they were not all named on the West Green Memorial










DIED:  21ST September 1918  age 36

ADDRESS: 99 St Ann's Road, South Tottenham

OCCUPATION (Pre-War): 1911 Pianoforte maker

noah_frederick.jpg (57483 bytes)

Frederick George Stanley Noah was born in Camden in 1882. The eldest of five brothers, his Father Frederick worked on the railways as a Station Porter as had his father before him.
He was the husband of Alice Florence Noah and the father of three children
In 1901, at the age of 18, FGS volunteered to fight in Boer (2nd) War, and fought with The Middlesex Regiment. On his return he began work as a Pianoforte maker as there were many in and around Camden during this time.

At the outbreak of WWI ten years later. FGS enlisted again, now aged 32 on the 22nd September 1914, a month or so after Britain had declared war on Germany

On Saturday the 21st of September 1918, FGS was killed near Essling Alley approximately 1km south of Maissemy during the lead up to the 100 day offensive, the major assault on the formidable Hindenberg line. The beginning of Essling Alley trench can still be seen winding eastward from the Rue de la Croix Saint Claude. According to 100 du Vigny’s Roll of Honour (p. 133) he was killed instantly by an exploding shell on the 20.09.18 and was buried where he fell.

This information has been provided by his Grandson Andrew Noah who also informs me that three of Frederick's brothers also died in WW1 - Henry Lionel Noah (age 31) 20.11.1916 - Joseph Noah (age 24) 20.11.1917 and Percy Edward Noah (age 20) 10.01 1920 at Edmonton Military Hospital.These men were not commemorated on the West Green Memorial




DIED:           30th NOVEMBER 1917 AGE 27



Sydney was the second eldest of 3 sons and was born in Tottenham, London on January 23rd 1890. He lived with his parents at 159, Philip Lane, West Green. Tottenham.

He enlisted in Camberwell on 2nd September 1914 with (T.F.) 2/21st Battn. Co. of London Regiment. He was killed in action during a German counter attack at Lateau Wood to the South of Cambrai on 30 November 1917, whilst serving as Second Lieutenant with the 6th Battalion, Queens Own (Royal West Kent Regiment).

We are indebted to his Great Nephew, Ian Sanders, who has provided us with this information. Furthermore Ian has sent to us a copy of the Telegram that was delivered to his parents upon his death. Perhaps more moving is the following extract from his will that was written in the trenches

“In the event of my death I leave all moneys from every source to my beloved Ella Winifred Miles. 215 Mount Pleasant Road, Tottenham, London N.  I take this opportunity of thanking her from the depths of my heart for all her splendid British loyalty to me during the whole of my grand acquaintance with her & especially her devotion during the past  3 years – She has been everything to me.

 I thank also from my innermost soul Ma Pa & all my family for their great & many kindnesses both before and during the War. I have wanted for nothing & everybody has taken care of me very well.  S.”

Ian has kindly provided a wonderful photograph taken of Ella Miles sitting in the sidecar of Sydney Sanders motorcycle during their courtship.






DIED:  17th August 1917  age 29

ADDRESS: 6 Handsworth Road, South Tottenham

OCCUPATION (Pre-War): Assistant in Hosiery Wholesalers


c_e_gerrie.jpg (46407 bytes)

Son of Hugh Reid Gerrie and Alice Gerrie of 6 Morrison Avenue, Tottenham and later of Manor Park, London.

One of five children, three sons and two daughter. Charles was the third eldest son and on the 1911 Census was employed as an Assistant in a Hosiery Wholesalers.

Educated Page Green School. Tottenham and had worked as a salesman prior to the war. He enlisted on the 1st June 1916 and was living at 6 Handsworth Road, Tottenham. He served with the Expeditionary Force in France and Flanders from 13th June, 1917.

Married Ada Ethel Hull 3rd August, 1913. Had two children Margaret E Gerrie Born 1915 and Edward Hugh Wallace Gerrie Born 1916.

He was killed in action at Zillebeke on the 15th August 2017. Age 29 years
Remembered with Honour – Ypres (Menin gate) Memorial

gerrie_charles_edward.jpg (72944 bytes)




DIED:  13th November 1916  age 24

ADDRESS: 21 Grove Park Road, South Tottenham

OCCUPATION (Pre-War): 1911 Cabinet Maker

e_s_gill.jpg (39347 bytes)

Son of Henry George Gill and Mary Ann Gill of 21 Grove Park Road, Tottenham.

Ellis was born at 41 Westerfield Road, Tottenham 28th March, 1892

He was one of fours sons Henry Charles Gill, Bertie James Gill and Leonard Vivian Gill.

Educated at Seven Sisters School. His occupation at the 1911 Census was given as a Cabinet maker.

Joined the Royal Engineers in July 1914. Served with the British Expeditionary Force in France and Flanders and was killed in action 13th November 1916.

Second Lieut Percy Miller wrote:
“ We have lost one of our finest boys. He was always willing and most reliable; he was a great favourite with all the N.C.O.’s and men. He was brave to the last. We are all very sad that we shall not have the company and asistance of your son; he was such a fine fellow that we could ill afford to lose him; he was such a fine example to the other men”

According to his family Ellis was killed by a sniper, when out in no-man's land, mending the wire. The family story says that his body could not be recovered for a day or so.

ellis_gill_ww1.jpg (51127 bytes)    ellis_sibley_gill.jpg (34838 bytes)






BORN  18th October 1887

ADDRESS: 21 Grove Park Road, South Tottenham

OCCUPATION (Pre-War): 1911 Draughtman for Land Registry.


stand_to_cover.jpg (101565 bytes)

stand_to_article.jpg (158590 bytes)








Bertie James Gill was born 18th October 1897 at 41 Westerfield Road Tottenham. Before Joining the Army in 1915 he worked as a Draughtsman for the Land Registry. He could not return there after the war, and in 1922 he joined the Signal Engineers Department of London Transport, where he became a respected Supervisor until he retired in 1962.

He married Winifred Simpson in 1923 at Holy Trinity church, Tottenham. At that time the Simpson family were neighbours to the Gill family, living at number 13 Grove Park Road! (Girl nearly next door!) After living in rented properties, Bertie and Winifred were able to buy a house at 20 Crossfield Road, Tottenham, around the mid Thirties I think.

Their only child, a daughter (my mother) was born in 1925. She attended Downhills school, as did some of her cousins. She passed the Scholarship aged 13 and gained a place at the new Polytechnic school in Tottenham
Profile by Andrea Olley (Grandaughter)

  bertie_james_gill_ww1.jpg (207803 bytes)






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