MY WALK TO SCHOOL   - By Alan Warwick


It was September 1959 and I used to walk from my Boundary Road house to Tottenham County School, up Mannock Road and then along Downhills Park Road, past the forbidding looking building of the Belmont Infant and secondary schools. The junior school had already been built in Belmont rec and I had left there the previous July.

Belmont Secondary and Infants School - Downhills Park Road

Across Belmont Road, with the entrance to Downhills Park on my right, and then up the hill and down towards Philip Lane. I passed the house near Philip Lane of Brian Stevens but I didn't know him at that time.


 downhills_park_road_1980.jpg (41278 bytes)

View back down Downhills Park Road

philip_lane_downhills_parkroad.jpg (58562 bytes)

Junction Downhills Park Road and Philip lane


As I turned left into Philip Lane with Summerhill Road on my right, I was about halfway to school.
Shortly after I would pass Williams Bros, the grocers on my left along Philip Lane, to become famous in a few years from then as Dave Clark lived in the flat above. A bit further along, also on the left was the premises of J A Steel, the removal company which I would do business with much later in my career as well as using them to move house on two occasions.
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Philip Lane – Summerhill Road on the right

williams_brothers_dave_clark.jpg (77330 bytes)

Williams Brothers -Philip Lane- Dave Clark Lived above this shop

I was also passing near to the home of Frank Haynes, later to become one of my County School friends. Over the railway and I was nearly there.

Corner of Arnold Road-Philip Lane

philip_lane_junction_jansons_road_1973.jpg (41219 bytes)

Philip Lane- Junction with Jansons Road


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Philip Lane- Railway bridge to the right

philip_lane_prefabs_1973.jpg (39829 bytes)

Philip Lane - Prefabs

Some mornings I was deliberately early so I could visit the Tottenham bus garage to pursue my hobby of bus spotting, the workshop staff were friendly as they soon discovered my interest and that I was not intending nicking anything! No 'health & safety police' then.

If I didn't go bus spotting, I would go around the corner into Tottenham High Road to a bakers called Fisslers or something like that. They sold a flat bread which made a cheap addition to my lunch, years before we were used to naan bread, parathas or even chapatis. I think they were Jewish so maybe someone will tell us what this bread was, it wasn't matzos as it was soft, not crunchy.

tottenham_garage_1960s.jpg (37532 bytes)

Tottenham Bus Garage -1960

route_171_tottenham_garage.jpg (56943 bytes)

Route 171 Bus leaving Tottenham Garage

tottenham_philip_lane_1962.jpg (52475 bytes)

Philip Lane 1962

tottenham_high_cross_1959.jpg (42802 bytes)

Tottenham High Cross 1959


And so, over the road, past Tottenham Green and into the 'old' school as it was to become in about 3 years when we were to move to Selby Road off White Hart Lane.
Probably only about 20 minutes’ walk and quicker than walking to catch the 41 bus from Turnpike Lane station to the junction of West Green Road and the High Road, then walking past Tottenham Tec up to the school from the opposite direction.

Tottenham County School

From an original article written by Alan Warwick-- May 2016

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