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We have received from Ken Clarke, a former resident of Dongola Road, a wonderful old photograph of the teaching staff at Belmont School taken in the early 1950's.  We are sure that this will evoke quite a few memories for those who attended Belmont School during this period.

Unfortunately, we do not have the names for many of the teachers and this is where we need your help.  We have put forward the names that have been suggested too date but, in the words of that well known expression,  ....If you know anything different - Please let us know!

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Back Row: Mr Saunders, Mr Kirby (Headmaster) Mr McGuire,Mr Hancock,Mr Hurl, Mr Larkham?,Mr Wood, Mr Frost, Mr Davies,Mr Gates,Mr Dean, Mr Doherty

Front Row: Miss Creagh, Miss Purdy?,MissWalpole,Mrs Wright, Miss Holt



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Thanks Ken for the opportunity to stretch the old grey matter and identify the names... Hopefully not too many sleepless nights racking ones brains for the one you know you should remember !

(Answers on the back of a fiver please )

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