Obituary  - Betty Emanuel (nee Hoills)

It is with deep regret that we have heard of the death of Betty Emanuel (nee Hoills) who sadly passed away on 10th September 2003 at her home in Horseheads, New York State USA. after a 7 year battle with Cancer.

Betty was a loving wife, mother and grandmother. Along with caring for her family, she enjoyed time spent gardening and reading. She had been predeceased by her sister Eleanor and mother Margaret (Maggie)Hoills who sadly passed away at her home in Summerhill Road in November 2002.

Our thoughts are with the family of Betty and her two surviving sisters Janet Flack(nee Hoills) of Marietta, Georgia USA and Sylvia Auckett (nee Hoills) in Langley near Slough who many will also remember as past residents of Summerhill Road.

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