Ivy Pearman and her family had lived in Summerhill Road for 67 years. She is now 95 years old and has only recently vacated her home in Summerhill Road as sadly she has become frailer and finding it difficult to cope on her own. She now lives in a residential home in Ellington near Huntingdon, which is close to where her son John now lives.

It is with regret that sadly Ivy Pearman passed away in June 2003 at the residential home where she had lived for the last 8 months of her life.  Please click [ HERE] for the Eulogy dedicated to the memory of Ivy and recited at her funeral.

The following photograph pictures of both her garden at 58 Summerhill Road and Ivy herself on her front doorstep.

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Ivy Pearman had 3 children Sheila, John and Peter and the following photograph from the 1950's shows John and Peter in their back garden. In the background you can see the houses that once stood in Clyde Road (Now Elizabeth Place).

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