Potters Bar,                                                                                              Herts

                                                                             20th July 2003

Dear Ray,

This is a copy of my letter sent to Margaret Hardy after receiving your copy letter to her.   Thank you     Ivy. R


Dear Margaret and Victor,

How does one start after so many years have passed?  I will try.

I married Les Reardon (he lived in Clyde Road) on the 11th December 1954 having postponed our wedding for quite a long time when my father had a coronary and was unable to work.

My parents continued to live at 22 until my mother died in 1968 when, after a few years, my father moved up the road next door to Mrs Pearman and remained there until he died at the grand old age of 92.

After we married, Les and I bought our first house in Leyton where we had our son Philip in 1956. We returned to Tottenham (Downhills Way) in 1958 and had our daughter Kathryn in 1965. When she was 5 we had another move, this time to Potters Bar. We have made only one other move that was in 1982 to our present address.

Philip has only one son (Matthew) who starts at Nottingham University in October. Kathryn has two daughters(Olivia who is 7 and Phoebe who will be 5 in August) and I am happy to say they all live in the district so we see them all regularly.

I unfortunately had a bleed to my spinal column in October 1996 and am paralysed from the waist down and have been wheelchair bound ever since. Even so we still have a very enjoyable life. My husband Les, who at one time couldn't even boil an egg, has had to learn the hard way. He manages everything very well.

My eldest sister Ellen, who lives close by, comes over three times a week and Terry & Sylvia also moved out this way a few years ago and, along with my brother George and his wife Trudy, we all meet up together on a Thursday. My elder brother Fred still lives with his family in Bristol and my young sister Ann lives with her family in Chelmsford. We all keep in very close contact and only last week we were altogether at Terry & Sylvia's daughters, when Susan's little daughter Erin was christened. She also has three boys (Susan I mean). A few years ago we lost our eldest brother Bill.

potters1953.jpg (28641 bytes)

The Potter family pictured on Coronation day 1953 in the garden of 22 Summerhill Road.

Back Row:   Billy Potter,  Fred Potter, Alf Corbyn,  George Potter,  Dickie Corbyn

Bottom Row: Connie Corbyn,  Ted Glynn,  Bobbie Corbyn,   Tommy Corbyn,  Bill Potter


I believe I have briefly been though of all or family news. I must say yours seems to be a idyllic lifestyle but daresay, like most of us, have only achieved it by much hard work in the previous years.

potter_bill_windsor_horseshow.jpg (58399 bytes)

BILL POTTER Snr -Horse of the Year Show - Windsor

potter_bill_windsor_horseshow_with_queen.jpg (51460 bytes)

BILL POTTER Snr - Receiving Cup from the then Princess Elizabeth

potter_family.2.jpg (45180 bytes)


potter_family.3.jpg (55307 bytes)


potter_family.4.jpg (48363 bytes)

BILL POTTER Snr With Family - 90h Birthday celebrations

mr_potter_ivy_pearman_summerhill_road_1990.jpg (47345 bytes)

BILL POTTER Snr - On Doorstep 60 Summerhill Road -1990

Alongside next door neighbour - Ivy Pearman

To go into your house to play, I always thought how peaceful and tidy it was, unlike ours where chaos seemed to reign. Your mother always seemed to be so calm and serene,unlike my poor mother who was always bringing someone to task.

I hope all is well with you and yours.

Yours sincerely

Ivy Reardon (nee Potter)

(Note: This letter has been reproduced for the Internet site from the original written by Ivy Reardon[Potter]   The photograph has been inserted by the editor as a reminder of the family)

Article redesigned and new photographs added  January 2012 - Photographs of Bill Potter and Potter Family Courtesy of Philip Reardon

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