October 2003

Dear Alan,
Thank you for your reply. John's story!
We arrived in Summerhill Road in the early fifties, just after the Coronation. Me my big sister Kathy and Mum and Dad. I soon made friends with Maureen Livemore and Jeffrey Jones. I went to Downhills Juniors in Philip Lane where I made friends with Mickey Corbyn. My sister, yourself and Ray all went to Belmont School.

My first job was at Power Flexible Tubing in Vale Road, Harringay. I left there and went to W.T.Attkins in St Anne's Road. I left Summerhill Road when W.T Attkins decided to leave Tottenham and move to Thetford, Norfolk. So I decided on a new life in a new town. I still work work for Attkins but did leave for 18 years!

I still remember the old days when we used to go to the ABC Turnpike Lane to
the Saturday morning pictures on the 41 bus! These are a few memories of
Summerhill Road.

Since then, I've been married twice and divorced twice! I have two children
from my first marriage, a son of 34 called Colin and a daughter, Alison 32.
And a grandson Jordon of 6. All Spurs supporters!
I'll try and send some pictures soon,

Thanks John

(ex 14 Summerhill Road)

(Note: This letter has been reproduced for the Internet site from the original written by John Lee )

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