Summerhill Memories - Kathie Lee



28th July 2003

Dear Ray,

Many thanks for the copy letters you have sent to me. It was so nice to hear from Ronnie Jones, I always remember him as being the big boy who left school and drove a train.

We moved into number 14 in 1956 when I was 11 along with Mum and Dad (Rose & Jack) and my brother John. I remember they bought the house from a Mr Lee.

I remember most of the people that Ron and Norma(Lane) talk about, but what about Mr & Mrs Steeples who lived at number 13 and had the Tile factory at the back of the house. You and I gave them a hard time with all the singing and the record player on your window ledge - the song most played was 'She wears Red Feathers and a Hoolie Hoolie Skirt'.

What happened to John Taylor? I remember getting a right good telling off from his Mum for being in his bedroom, we were playing records on his record player.

Do you remember the 'Woodwards'? They lived near the top of the road and Brenda was their daughter.  Mr & Mrs Beckett at number 10 had a son. He never played out with us though. What was his name?

I can also remember a boy who lived further up the road - I had a crush on him.

Do you remember old Bob. He looked after the Coaches and lived downstairs to the Corbyn's.

I will give Pat Livemore a ring soon. I am just catching up with your letter having just returned from holiday in France.

kathielee.jpg (38638 bytes)

Kathie Carmichael (Lee) and Rosa Bygraves pictured at the Summerhill Road coach outing.

I went to see Rosa Bygraves** on Saturday who is now in a home in Potters Bar (Cooperscroft) She is very well and looks so much better.

Hope to see you soon. Love Kathie and Tony.

( ** Editors Note: Rosa Bygraves lived in Bedford Road and her back garden backed onto Kathie's. Her two daughters Jean and Janice had many friends in Summerhill Road. Jean now lives in the Channel Islands and Janice lives in South Africa)

(Note: This letter has been reproduced for the Internet site from the original written by Kathie Carmichael [ Lee] )


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