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We have received from Shirley Sharpe (nee Lane) a collection of photographs of the 'Lane & Jones' families, which are sure to bring back memories to the many people who knew them during their residence in Summerhill Road.

Shirley and her sister Norma were cousins of Ron and Geoff Jones and lived in Summerhill Road. Firstly at number 14 and then at number 10a when their house suffered bomb damage in the war.  They subsequently moved to Tynemouth Road but Shirley and Norma still spent some considerable time at Summerhill Road visiting their Grandmother and Aunt at number 10a.  Both Shirley and Norma have written their own Summerhill memories that can also be read in the 'Residents' section.

However this section features the photographs of both the 'Lanes' and the 'Jones' family and we are indebted to Shirley Sharpe (nee Lane) for providing them for publication on the website.

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   Shirley's Baptism Certificate from St Phillips Church - Born at number 14 Summerhill Road

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May & George Lane's Wedding - St Phillips Church  - Maud & Richard Miller (Nan & Grandad)

May Lane and Maud Jones were sisters and their mother Maud Miller lived at number 10a Summerhill Road. Sadly their Father Richard Miller died from leukaemia during the war years.

 maudjones_young.jpg (18496 bytes)     maud_fredjones_wedding.jpg (38858 bytes)         

The above picture shows Maud Miller as a young Woman - Maud & Fred Jones Wedding (Sister May is Bridesmaid)

The following series of photographs show Ron Jones from 3 years through to 14 - Hope you are suitably embarrassed Ron !

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   Studio Portrait - Ron Aged 3 Years       Ron aged 5 Years outside Summerhouse

                                                    (Garden of 10 Summerhill Road)

          ronjones_11years.jpg (21959 bytes)      ronjones_14years.jpg (17810 bytes)                                        

School Photographs ;   Ron aged 11 years       Ron aged 14 Years (Tottenham County Grammar School)

The following set of photographs show Shirley Lane (Sharpe) and her sister Norma Lane (Clayson) during their frequent visits to Summerhill Road. For those that may remember her, there is also a photograph that includes Marilyn Stephens who used to live at number 3 Summerhill Road.

                      ron_norma_shirley_garden10a.jpg (19499 bytes)       norma_shirley_friend_geoff.jpg (19447 bytes)

Ron Jones, Norma & Shirley               Norma and Friend helping Shirley to skate & Geoff Jones

                                                           Pictured outside number 10a Summerhill Road 1950's

                                shirley_marilynstephens_garden10a.jpg (20769 bytes)               shirley_lane_aged14.jpg (22840 bytes)

Shirley with Marilyn Stephens    Shirley School Photo- Tottenham County School aged 14  

The next photograph shows Shirley's Nan -Maud Miller- on her retirement from J.AA.P Motors ( J.A Prestwich), an old established company in Tottenham where she had worked for many years.

 maud_miller_japmotors.jpg (38284 bytes)

There now follows  a School picture of Geoff Jones taken at Downhills Junior School and a picture of his mother Maud Jones taken in the back garden at 10a Summerhill Road.

                        geoff_jones_school.jpg (22504 bytes)               maud_jones_garden10a.jpg (21773 bytes)

             Geoff Jones - Back Right                      Maud Jones - garden 10a Summerhill

And finally to complete the family portraits we have a picture of Maud Jones holding Shirley's daughter Penny back in 1963.

maud_shirley_penny1963.jpg (25435 bytes)

Thanks again Shirley for sharing these wonderful memories of your family's time in Summerhill Road.

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