Please refer to the following list of links to other internet sites of interest that have a connection either to 'Summerhill Road' or the Borough of 'Tottenham' in North London.



A collection of websites that relate to the Local History of Tottenham Bruce Castle Museum who have excellent facilities for both local history and archive information Dedicated to the former Harris Lebus factory in Tottenham which was once the largest Furniture factory in the world. A most interesting website administered by Mustafa Suleman.
The Friends of Bruce Castle  are a support group who are devoted to the interests of Bruce Castle Museum, Archives and Park. The 'Old Tottenham High Road' website which provides interesting information on Tottenham's history The official website of the Friends of Lordship Recreation Ground including its past history and details of forthcoming events The official website of the Friends of Downhills Park including its past history and details of forthcoming events The official website of the 'Friends of Markfield Park' including photographs, history and details of forthcoming events The website for former pupils of Downhills Central School including photographs and historic information
Former Tottenham County School website now closed down The website for former pupils of Tottenham County School including photographs and historic information CLOSED The website for former pupils of Tottenham Grammar School including photographs and historic information A website dedicated to the history of Tottenham A website dedicated to events surrounding the 'Tottenham Outrage' a robbery that went wrong in 1909 Further information on the 'Tottenham Outrage' from the history of Scotland Yard The natural history and other features within Tottenham The contibution made by the Quaker movement to Tottenham's history The 'Tottenham Civic Society' To secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of historic, environmental or public interest in Tottenham

History of Samuel South & family and items of general interest regarding Tottenham The Cole family history of making Bricks and pots and Tiles in Tottenham and North London A unique collection of childhood recollections of everyday life in Tottenham for a working class family in the early 1900s Markfield Beam Engine and Museum You will find lots of information about the River Lee, the other waterways which join it. The website has maps, photographs, pictures, charts, timelines, local history Lords Meade - The history of the Howard family in Tottenham   NOTE UPDATED WEBSITE LINK Local History -Lorenco Road Tottenham Haringey Local History Links
OTHER 'TOTTENHAM' & LOCAL SITES Information on the 'Spurs' and Local History for neighbouring Boroughs A link to 'Tottenham's' most famous connection   'THE SPURS'.  Who knows perhaps we'll do it this year or the next...... News & Views of everything related to Spurs - A must for all Spurs fans everywhere! 'My Eyes Have Seen The Glory' - Another must for everything SPURS ! Tottenham Hotspur Football Club Est 1882 -Fans page - A Facebook page dedicated to the true fans of the Spurs. Along with the history of the club, it also features some very cool pictures, good videos and memorabilia. A collection of wonderful photographs featuring Tottenham both past and present Information on North London's Peoples Palace ! Information on Local History research, archives and publications in Hornsey is Hornsey A website containing everything TOTTENHAM from Blogs, Photographs, Forthcoming Events and   a Forum for items of topical local interest. Connecting the residents of Harringay: sharing information, exploring the history and a fine Gallery of photographs new & old.. Greenwoods 'Map of London-1827'. Unfortunately it stops just short of Tottenham but nevertheless a fascinating map which details landmarks of old London. The website of Phil Dawkins who had family members living in Summerhill Road in the 1880's. Website featuring the history of Edmonton The North London Chin-Waggers A very active and interesting message board for residents of North London past and present. Predominately Edmonton.

The Association represents local views on such matters as planning applications, traffic and transport problems. It provides a voice for local opinion on matters of wider interest and is represented on several amenity and public bodies - Muswell Hill & Fortis Green London, Westminster and Middlesex Family History Society British History Online- Tottenham Introduction
OTHER 'SUMMERHILL' SITES ! Other websites around the world that feature the word 'Summerhill' The world famous 'Summerhill School' in Suffolk ! Would you like a glass of 'Summerhill Wine' ?
This one is amazing.. 'Joseph Piggin' was resident at number 21 Summerhill Road in 1881 and according to this family history his family were 'Ostrich Feather merchants'. Well in the 1891&1901 Census we also had a    'George Fletcher' resident at number 59 Summerhill Road and he was an Ostrich Feather Dyer. Surely there has to be a connection ! A care home in Peterborough, New Hampshire USA It's too late now but heres' a company that designs websites.The only drawback is they appear to be in Australia ! This website provides the 1850 Census reports for Summerhill. But this time it's in Pennsylvania Why not holiday at the 'Summerhill Guest House'. But this one's in Nepal close to Kathmandu ! Rescue squad will have easier access onto Summerhill Road- A Headline in a New Jersey newspaper !


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