Livemore Family Photographs

We have received from Pat Wise (nee Livemore) a collection of family photographs from their time in Summerhill Road, together with some more recent ones which include her parents and sister Maureen, which are sure to bring back memories to the many people who knew them during their residence in Summerhill Road. 

Please refer to the following extract from Pat's letter that enclosed the photographs which also illustrates how much pleasure people are getting from our website.

                                                                                  Denver, Norfolk.

                                                                               Sept 2003

Dear Ray,

Thank you for all the last lot of information, it took me ages to look through and read everything you sent. I've a special folder that I keep everything in. I've been in touch with my sister Maureen and she has sorted out a few photo's, not many regarding Summerhill Road. But I have put them in for you to copy.

I had a phone call a couple of weeks ago. it was from Kathy Lee who lived at number 14. What a lovely surprise. She says she's still living in Beaconsfield Road and she will be 60 soon and Rose her mum will be 80. So they are going to have a combined party to celebrate.

I said to her that I will keep in touch. I've got her address and phone number. It is so good going down memory lane again.

Hope you are keeping well.

Many thanks. Hope to hear from you soon with more memories

Pat Wise


livemore1.jpg (61456 bytes)

Pat (Centre) with parents Doll and Bob Livemore - Downham Market 1997

livemore2.jpg (58739 bytes)

Pat (Centre) with mother Doll and sister Maureen - Downham Market 1997

livemore3.jpg (46320 bytes)

Pat and Maureen Livemore - 12 Summerhill Road - 1960's

livemore4.jpg (51267 bytes)

Pat with 'Great Danes' - 12 Summerhill Road -1962

livemore5.jpg (38596 bytes)

Pat's wedding car outside number 12 Summerhill Road - 31/3/1962

(Keeping poor Pete waiting again Pat ! )

livemore6.jpg (39678 bytes)

The Salvation Army band leading the Tottenham Carnival down Summerhill Road 1974/75

(Comment from Ray Swain: Note his Commer J4 van parked on a 'No Waiting' cone. Apparently he could not move the van as he was waiting for his race pigeons from Fraserburgh which arrived home at the same time as the band)

Thanks again to Pat for sharing this wonderful portfolio of family photographs for inclusion on our website.

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