Margaret (Maggie) Hoills and her family were residents at 27 Summerhill Road for over 70 years until her death on the 18th November 2002 aged 96 years. Maggie was born on the 18th November 1906 and sadly died on the occasion of her 96th Birthday.

Maggie Hoills was a remarkable woman who had been widowed for nearly 40 years since the untimely death of her husband. Maggie was a strongly determined woman and fiercely independent. She was a trained dressmaker and seamstress and for many years operated a small business from one of the floors of her house in Summerhill Road. Maggie had 4 daughters Betty, Sylvia, Janet and Eleanor and the following photograph pictures them all with their mother on her birthday several years ago:

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The next photograph shows Maggie Hoills pictured in 2002 during the Golden Jubilee celebrations along with her family and friends:

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The next photograph show Maggie and her the young daughters pictured in their garden at Summerhill Road sometime prior to World WarII.

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The final photograph shows some of the floral tributes following her Funeral Service in November 2002. Notice that amidst the flowers is a cone from the ‘Monkey Tree’ in Summerhill Road that was next door to her throughout her long period of residence.

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At her memorial service there was a splendid order of service dedicated to her memory and her Grandaughter Sarah read a Eulogy which can be viewed by Clicking HERE


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March 2003

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