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Memories of Clyde Road - Pat Robson (nee Noble)


My Grandparents who lived in Clyde Road were Lydia and Fred Herbert and of course my mum Amy and her brothers Len and Fred. People may remember me as the twins Pat and Ken Noble. We were known as Noble as that was my mum’s married name. My mum was called Amy Noble. Always the twins aren’t we ?. I can also remember the Parfitt family who lived in Clyde Road. The children were Jill, David and Michael. My brother Ken is still in touch with Michael.

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The photographs from Susan Jones brought back many memories and I wonder what shop Susan's Dad owned in Philip Lane. To me it looks like Jackie’s the newsagent. Boy did that photo bring back memories. The trees and the ‘Lentheric factory in the distance. Did you notice that there are no high rise flats in the background?. So much has changed now. That photo must have been taken in the 50s as there is a lane on the left which led to Lawrence Road Close where the new blocks of flats were. My granddad sold the council some of our garden. At least they were not high rise flats.
There are many other people that I remember in Clyde Road. The Luckins, Hawkins who was a decorator, The Lumsden’s. I believe Mr. Lumsden was once in trouble with the police and suspected of fraud. He was a very brainy man and worked as a book keeper.

I can also remember the cottages at the end of Clyde Road. Edna Mansfield lived in one of them.
Of course many former residents of Clyde Road would remember the Bridcutt’s sweet shop. Olive died sadly after her son Malcolm. It was thought that Malcolm became a millionaire but he had a heart attack at 50. Sadly he was always a fat person and perhaps it got him in the end.

But of course I will always remember ‘Harry’ who sold the shellfish. He actually lived in Collingwood Road right at the very bottom. We always called him the ‘Yes Lady’ man. Times must have been very hard for him and his mother in those days

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Oh what memories I have, the ‘Clyde Road Bakery’. ’I so remember that cutting machine that sliced the loaves well before the days of ready sliced and packaged bread. Do you remember that they also made lovely ‘Tottenham Cake’. They actually made my wedding cake some 40 years ago. Alas the shop is long gone.

Didn't we have such lovely time living in Tottenham ?. I was talking to my friend Jill Hussey who lived on Clyde Circus and she was so surprised to learn that ‘Sewards’ the funeral Directors once owned the house in Clyde Road near the bridge. Valerie and Bunty are still alive and live in Essex. Jill was also shocked to know that it also had a burial plot. To our knowledge they always lived in Downhills Park Road. I never knew that the ‘Sewards’ owned so much land and also the big houses. When Jill next speaks to her friend Valerie I am sure she will ask her.

Jill’s mother, Mrs.Hussey. did a lot of smocking on dresses and Jill used to take them to a dressmaker in Summerhill Road. My other grandparents once lived at number 30 Summerhill Road. They were named Albert and Robina Noble. My dad was born in 1918 so he does not list on the census of 1911.

It was very sad to learn of the death of Maysie? who lived In Clyde Road. . She must have known my family but alas I cannot place her face. She would have known all about my Gt. Grandfather Joseph Kingsley who lived at 122 Clyde Road.
Pat Robson
(a selection of Clyde Road memories taken from Pat’s email messages.)

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