Denver, Norfolk

                                                                                            June 2003.

Dear Ray,

I am the Pat Wise you are looking for, my single name was Livemore. It's 41 years since I lived in Summerhill Road, but I still have some memories of that time.

My parents both passed away within a year of each other in 2001 & 2002. My sister Maureen is living near Norwich. She is eight years younger than me so I don't think she would remember the good old days. You are going back a few years !

As for the photographs there wasn't many taken in them days, people couldn't afford cameras at that time, but I shall have a look at what photo's I have got to see if there are any of interest.

As far as I recall


10a  -  Ronnie & Geoffrey Jones. They used to breed Great Danes.

14    - Kathy Lee. The last time I saw her she was living in Beaconsfield Road just off West Green Road. that was 20 years ago.

16   -  Connie Corbyn

18   - David and Allan Holloway

20  - Beryl and Teddy Glynn

22  - The Potter Family, I think !

32  - Was the 'Minters' They lived next door to the house that was bombed during the war.

36  - Was a girl called Phyllis Martin. She used to suffer from fits and fainting spells. We used to play with her in the piggery. We used to play two balls, up the wall and skipping and we also used to have glass coloured marbles in a tin and play on the manhole cover on the pavement. We also played 5 Stones but we called them Gobs in those days.

40 - Was the piggery where the pigs used to be delivered, until one day a great big oversized one escaped and chased us all down the road.

Going up to the top of the road, I never really knew anyone else.


5  - David Bailey - He was an only child.

9  - Uncle Stan

11 - You Alan & Christine and your parents.

13 - Mr & Mrs Steeple.  My Nan used to go over every week to her house to have tea & cakes. I remember one day we were messing abount and she came out, walked along the pavement, fainted and swung round the lamppost. Christine will remember that.

15 - Was Mrs Atter with the lovely cottage and lovely front garden.

19 - Was Sylvia Allan's. Didn't know much about them.

Going up the road there were the 'Hoills' at number 27 and Sylvia Smith at number 31.

39 - Ronnie Bloomfield and family

Then the 'Small' family and right up the top of the road were the 'Hawkins' family.

I don't know if you are on the Phone as I couldn't get a number from directory enquiries.

I hope this little bit of information helps with your putting together your website.

Kind regards

Pat Wise. (ex Number 12 Summerhill Road)

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These photographs date back to the early 1960's and have been reproduced

courtesy of Christine Lewis (nee Swain)  So you know who to blame Pat !


(Note: This letter has been reproduced for the Internet site from the original written by Pat Wise [Livemore] )

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