Letter from Pat Turner (nee White)

with her recollections of Summerhill Road    - 19th Oct 2002


Dear Ray,

Thank you for your letter hope you are keeping well.

I have been trying to remember way back when I was at Belmont Sec Mod School one of my best friends was Edna Midson she lived about half way down on the otherside of Summerhill Rd but lost contact when she moved away.  I was also friendly with Ronnie Bloomfield he lived opposite Rose Carter and further towards the top I went out with Ronnie Forester for a short time.  Next door at no 1 upstairs was Mr & Mrs Fernidge they had a Son & Daughter the Son David went to Grammar School with my brother Fred.

Opposite your house Mr & Mrs Livemoor and their 2 Daughters then later their parents came to live with them  Next door Rose Lee had a Son & Daughter.  Next door those noisy coaches they used to wake me up in the Summer.

Mr & Mrs Baily and their Son David lived next door at no 5 then when they moved Mr & Mrs Rattigan came they had 3 or 4 Sons & Daughter.  At no 1 upstairs was Mary and downstairs Mr & Mrs Phillips and then after them a chap called Pat.  There was a nice Jamaican family who lived next door to you 3 of their Sons were called Patrick Wesley & Trevor & my Son Steve used to go the Boys Brigade with them.

Then my dear friend Rose Carter what a lovely person I will never forget her my children used to love to go and see her and the pigs at the back (Do you remember the pigs – a bit smelly) and her friend Jack.  I’m sorry I do not have Ann’s address any more.  I remember Mrs Jones, Ronnie & Jeff & the Great Danes.  Hope Ronnie will like living in Peterborough.  Well that’s all I can think of.

Can you send me your E Mail address as my Son Steve is on the internet & he is very interested in what you are doing.  I have only found a couple of pictures & he will E Mail them to you.

Yours sincerely 

Pat Turner



The ‘White’ family lived at number 3 Summerhill Road and Pat Turner (nee White) has kindly sent some copies of her family photographs for inclusion on the website.

The first photograph shows their house in Summerhill Road. Also in picture is number 5 Summerhill Road. When this photograph was taken in 1971 the ‘Bailey’s’ were the occupants of number 5 !

  r014.jpg (13859 bytes)          

In the 1950’s and 60’s the White’s were well known for their splendid fancy dress parties that were often held in the large shed/workshop situated at the foot of their garden. The following photograph illustrates just one of the parties:

r015.jpg (20444 bytes)


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