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Summerhill Road - June 2002 - Preparing for Golden Jubilee party.

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Philip Lane 1920's - Summerhill Road is opposite the church.

The following three pictures show the residents and their children.

Summerhill Road V.E.Day 1945

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shr_veday2.jpg (30784 bytes)

(We have been given some suggestionson the identities of some of the children pictured above)

Top Row (left to Right): 1st Roy Pearman 3rd Barbara Bloomfield,6th Russell Pooley,7th Sheila Pearman,

8th Gwen Hardy,13th Eleanor Hoills, 14th Betty Hoills

Fourth Row(Seated Left to Right ): 2nd Shirley Lane, 6th Norma Lane, 7th Margaret Carter, in high chair Ian Mallinson

Front Row(Left to Right) 2nd David Stockle, 4th Terry Potter ?, 7th Doug Minter, 8th Jean Minter

shr_veday1.jpg (52698 bytes)



shr-summerhill.jpg (53205 bytes)

Corner Summerhill Road 1950's (Copyright Bruce castle Museum)

(Notice the Advertisements for the Coliseum & Bruce Grove Cinema's)

shr_westgreen1900.jpg (36791 bytes)

Corner Summerhill Road - West Green Road -Early 1900's

(Copyright: Bruce castle Museum)

shr_westgreen1911.jpg (41167 bytes)


This shows West Green Road in 1911 and shows a view looking West

from the corner of Brunswick Road(Left) and Beaconsfield Road (Right)

Part of the Railway tavern(Right) is visible which was later renamed as the West Green Tavern

(Copyright: Bruce castle Museum)

shr_coachgarage.jpg (30904 bytes)

Site of Horseshoe Coach Garage - Summerhill Road 1950's

(Copyright: Bruce Castle Museum)


shr_horseshoecoach.jpg (30933 bytes)

This is a picture we have found of a Horseshoe Coach from the 1950's.

It is understood to be a Dennis Lancet J3 Coach which was operated from

their premises in Kempston near Bedford but spent more time with their

London operation in Tottenham.


shr-pottershouse.jpg (33654 bytes)

Site of Petrol Distribution Depot from the 1970' also from the left

numbers 28 to 20 Summerhill Road


shr_lifeboyswestgreen.jpg (48381 bytes)

A group of lifeboy's taken ouside West Green Baptist Church in Dorset Road

shr-duncantuckers.jpg (32508 bytes)

This old photograph shows the fleet of lorries operated by

'Duncan Tuckers' the timber merchants who once operated in Lawrence Road

shr-fredlione54summerhill.jpg (44560 bytes)

This photograph was supplied by Janet Perkins and shows her Uncle Fred Lione

and her mother outside their home at 54 Summerhill Road.

(Note the old Iron railings and the ladder left unattended outside the house)


shr_downhillscrossing.jpg (36439 bytes)

This is a wonderful photograph taken at the school crossing in Philip Lane

outside Downhills Junior School in the 1950's.

(Did we really dress like this ? )


shr_downhillspark1910.jpg (38154 bytes)

This is a photograph of the Conservatory in Downhills Park 1910

Click [HERE} to see details of Centenary Celebrations 1903-2003

(Copyright: Bruce castle Museum)


lordshiprec_trafficarea.jpg (55838 bytes)

Model Traffic Area - Lordhip Recreation Ground - 1960

(What happy memories this will recall for many of us !)

(Copyright: Bruce Castle Museum)

shr_tottenhamroyal1962.jpg (53145 bytes)

Crowds gather outside the Tottenham Royal dance Hall to celebrate

'Spurs' victory in winning the 1962 FA Cup

shr_westgreen_braemar.jpg (42289 bytes)

Corner West Green Road and Braemar Road - 1960's

(Note: Wescott's laundry- Who can remember their bagwash Number ?)

shr_lawrenceroad.jpg (48933 bytes)

Corner West Green Road and Lawrence Road - The Dolls Hospital Corner

tankard_smith1961.jpg (40570 bytes)

Corner High Road Tottenham and Broad Lane 1961

Tankard & Smith's Garage - Note 643 Trolleybus and 76 Bus


shr_greyhoundpub_1901.jpg (65969 bytes)

Playing Snooker- 'Greyhound' Pub Philip Lane - 1901

(Apparently the Board reads 'Good Luck to the Spurs' for the 1901 FA Cup Final but this is not clear)


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