Friendship is a lovely thing,

It never can be told;

Friendship happy hours will bring,

Worth their weight in gold

And when dark clouds surround us

And everything goes wrong

Friendship, warm around us,

Will fill our day with song



This section of the SUMMERHILL ROAD web-site is devoted to stories and memories of the many residents past and present who have been resident in the Road.  With a road that’s history spans over 170 years there have been many characters, anecdotes, incidents and events that add to the overall charm, character and friendly warmth engendered by this unique and special road in Tottenham’s history. Our objective is to continue making Summerhill Road a place to remember in people’s lives and a record for history.


  A -F

Barnes, David – 1950’s Birthday Party
Diprose, Ellen – Memorium
Diprose, Michael - Summerhill Memories
Diprose, Michael - Just reminiscing ! Boyhood engineer
Evans Joan      - Summerhill Memories
Firth, Fred     - Conscription 1916 (WW1 Memories)
Firth, Vera     - Summerhill Memories


G -L

Green , Stewart – Memorium   (J.E Green Builders Merchants West Green Road)
Giggins, John – Memorium
Hardy, Fred    -  Summerhill Memories and photographs
Hardy, Victor  -  Memories of a wartime evacuee
Hardy Family Photographs - Portfolio of family members
Harwood, George  - Civilian Injured in Tottenham 'Outrage' of 1909
Hoills, Margaret  – Memorium
Hoills, Betty  - Obituary notice
Hooper Ray - Former Resident West Green Road - Facing up Summerhill Road
Jordan, Bert       - Pet Shop owner (photographs)
Jones   Ronnie     -  Summerhill Memories 
Jones Ronnie  - Memorial 1937-2017
Kemp Family -Summerhill Road - Photographs and Memories
Kerr, Stanley      - Painter & Decorator (photographs)
Lane  Norma        - Summerhill Memories
Lane, Shirley        - Summerhill Memories
Lane-Jones          - Collection of Photographs(Summerhill Memories)
Lee John              - Summerhill Memories
Lee Kathie            - Summerhill Memories
Livemore, Pat        - Summerhill Memories
Livemore Family   - Collection of photographs (Summerhill Memories
Lloyd Connie         - Memories of Dunholme Road Air Crash- Edmonton 1938   



McBernies   -   Memories of McBernies yard and photographs
Money, Sue  - Former Resident of Nelson Road 
Miller, Ted  -    Summerhill Memories
Parrott Family - Recollections of Parrott Family 48 Summerhill Road - by Rex Lancefield
Pearce, Kathleen  -  Memorial
Pearman, Ivy       - Photograph and Memorium
Pearman, Peter  - Summerhill Memories
Piggin, Joseph    - History 1870-1884
Pooley, Barbara    - Summerhill Memories and photographs
Potter, Ivy       - Summerhill Memories and photograph
Pratt, William    -  Musician & Bandmaster
Robinson, Alan    - Memories of the Old Imp (Imperial Cinema -West Green Road)
Robson Pat - Memories of Clyde Road
Rowe Steve - Memories of Tottenham from an ex-patnow living in Sydney Australia
Saul, James       - Philanthropist Summerhill Road 1871-1891
Small, Beryl         - Summerhill Memories and photographs
Small Family Photographs - Janet Roberts 2018
Smith Peter -  Former resident Park View Road - Memories High Road Shops
Smith Peter -  Former resident Park View Road - Recycling is nothing new !
Street, Tom          - Tottenham Memories & Photographs
Swain, Alan          - Coronation 1953 (Memories)
Swain, Ray            - Introduction and Thanks

Swain Ray             - Childhood memories, thoughts and reflections 

 Swain, Ray            - Memorial - Died Sept 2018
Swain, Ray   - Guerilla Garden planted by neighbours


T- Z

Tiggy-_ A Most unusual Former resident of Summerhill Road
Travis, Alan -   Summerhill Memories
White, Pat      - Summerhill Memories and photographs
White, Kit       - Memorium and Photographs
Wilson, Margaret (Hardy)  -   Summerhill Memories
Warwick, Alan - My walk to School
Woodward, Brenda - Memorium and Photographs


Of course we are always seeking fresh memories, photographs and information regarding Summerhill Road or indeed Tottenham in general so if you have anything you would like to contribute please do not hesitate to email me at:

Page Re-Designed - August 2021

Background Photo - Summerhill Road -1910


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