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When I was young we had plenty of toys
There were tops and skipping and lots of boys;
We’d whip up the tops ‘til they really spun
And we’d skip to 100 – it was great fun.
We chalk up the hop scotch then we’d hop
We’d go on forever – we’d never stop,
There were cats cradles and knitting and also football
Those are some of the games I recall.

There were conkers and marbles and some even had skates
I only had one, so that put on the brakes.
We’d juggle with balls and stand on our hands
It was lovely to sing to Sally Army’s band.
On Sunday we’d wear our very best clothes
I’d even a hanky to wipe my damp nose
We were all so happy and ever so gay
But not in the way gay is meant for today.

There were fountains to drink from with water so sweet
You didn’t need cola’s not on our street.
Not many cars came down our way
I once rode a butcher’s bicycle away!
This was considered the greatest of crime
It wasn’t a joyride on my behind at that time.
We all grew up healthy and went on our way
And now we’ve lost hope for children today.!


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