Stanley Kerr and his wife Christina Mary (nee Swain) lived at number 9 Summerhill Road ( 2 Shakespeare Villas) and was a Painter and Decorator by trade. Stanley and Christine were the Uncle and Aunt of Ray Swain, who still lives at number 11 Summerhill Road (1 Shakespeare Villa). Sadly Christine Kerr died in 1949 and Stanley Kerr died in 1971 aged 75 years.

Stanley Kerr was born in South Tottenham and his family had a Building and Plumbing business in the High Road South Tottenham. Later his brothers Alfred and Bert had a builders yard situated in Herbert Road which was just off Rangemoor Road in Broad Lane Tottenham. In addition to the building business, the family owned a number of rented properties in both the Rangemoor Road and Lansdowne Road area of Tottenham.

Stanley Kerr (or Uncle Stan) was a jovial character who was often seen smoking his pipe. He loved his garden and had a fine display of Chrysanthemums and Asters. He also once had a lovely old English Sheepdog who was his loyal and trusty companian. Her name was 'Sally' and I can recall from when I was a child that she nearly always had a covering of small thorns or burrs that would stick to her fur when she was rooting around the garden. This would take a great deal of grooming to remove and to make her look presentable again.

Until his retirement he worked as a Painter & Decorator almost exclusively for the the LCC owned houses on the Tower gardens estate in Tottenham


The following photograph of Stanley Kerr shows him pictured in 1966 with his niece Christine’s daughter Sharon: 

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By pure coincidence, when inquiring from Bruce Castle Museum whether they had any old photographs of Summerhill Road for this web-site, we received the following picture which shows Stanley Kerr on the left and Bob (Pop)Austin from number 16 Summerhill Road on their way for a daily constitutional at the ‘Dagmar Arms’ in Cornwall Road.

(Photograph Copyright: Bruce Castle Museum)

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Bottom of Summerhill Road 1970's - Stan Kerr (Left) and Bob Austin (Right)

Stanley Kerr was one of 10 children and his family had lived at 201 High Road, South Tottenham where his mother, Elizabeth Kerr, ran a Tobacconists shop. His father Alfred Kerr was a Plumber and household builder and decorator who was later to form his own business based in Herbert Road off Rangemoor Road which was formerly in Broad lane, Tottenham


Stanley Kerr saw service in the First World War when he served with the RASC (Royal Army Service Corp). Both his enlistment and Discharge papers are shown below.

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