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Following the arrival of the Northern & Eastern railway in 1840, the locality around ‘Summerhill Road’ was one of the earliest new housing developments in Tottenham. The improved communications and transport links to London meant that Merchants and Businessmen could now move with their family’s to what was then a very rural location. These were professional people seeking a higher standard of housing outside of central London which could also accommodate their live-in servants. There were clear signs that the entire length of West Green Road would soon be lined with houses. West Green itself retained some large dwellings, including West Green House, West Green Lodge, Woodlands, and Gothic House, and possessed a school and chapel. When 36 acres of meadow land had been offered for building in 1851 it meant that the land separating West Green Road and Philip Lane was ripe for development. Consequently ’Summerhill Road’ was the first of the new roads to be developed as what was then referred to as a ‘Sample Street’.

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This is evident by the architectural diversity of the houses that were constructed in the road, for you will find that no more than four houses of the same design are on this road. This helps make the road quite unique and it therefore attracts both students of architecture and architects who along with the general public have been known to take photographs of the various designs of houses in the road, many of which have existed for over 150 years.

Please refer to the following collection of photographs that help illustrate the many different architectural styles


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Alfred Villa – 3 Summerhill Road Parmenter Cottages 4-8 Summerhill Road 

Cambridge House -10 Summerhill Road (Left)

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Frances Cottage – 16 Summerhill Road St John Cottage -14 Summerhill Road (Right)
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Shakespeare Villas- 5-11 Summerhill Road Spring Cottage – 15 Summerhill Road
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Coleman’s Cottages – 17-19 Summerhill Road Sydenham Villa – 21-23 Summerhill Road
summerhill_chester_and_pembroke_villas.jpg (43178 bytes) summerhill_ellersley_villa.jpg (44907 bytes)
Pembroke Villa 26  Summerhill Road

Chester Villa – 24 Summerhill Road

23a Summerhill Road –Constructed after 1901

Ellersley Villa- 25 Summerhill Road

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Percy Villa – 28 Summerhill Road Earlier Picture – Left to right

Percy Villa- Pembroke Villa - Chester Villa Montgomery Villa- Freemont Villa

summerhill_road_nos_20_28_1960s.jpg (60032 bytes) summerhill_road_nos_46_to58_1960s.jpg (54969 bytes)

Numbers 20 – 28 Summerhill Road

From Right:  Freemont Villa - Montgomery Villa   -

Chester Villa - Pembroke Villa


Numbers 46– 58 Summerhill Road

From Right:  46 - 48 Un-Named -  Number 50  = Holly House

Nos 52- 58  =  St Helens Place

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Stanley Villas 27-29 Summerhill Road Wyndham Cottages- 31-33 Summerhill Road
summerhill_brunswick_villa.jpg (58175 bytes) 45_51_summerhill_road_park_cottages.jpg (40111 bytes)
Brunswick Villa - 43 Summerhill Road Park Cottages – 45-51 Summerhill Road
51_summerhill_park_cottage.jpg (51728 bytes) r049.jpg (31617 bytes)
Park Cottage – 51 Summerhill Road General Photo from Jubilee in 2002

Right : 36-38 Summerhill Road ( Newly Built in 1901 Census) - Beyond is former Dairy and Swiss Cottage at 40 Summerhill Road

54_summerhill_st_helens_place.jpg (35708 bytes) r046.jpg (23748 bytes)
St Helens Place- 54 Summerhill Road General Photo from Jubilee in 2002

Right to left range of house from 48 thro 58 Summerhill Road


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To view a full list of the occupants of the many houses in Summerhill Road dating back to 1851 together with their occupations, number of children and domestic servants if employed , then please refer to the Census records section .

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We acknowledge the permission granted by the ‘Tottenham Civic Society’ to reproduce some of these photographs

Article prepared by Alan Swain – March 2011


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