Sept 2003.

Dear Ray,

Thank you for all you have done and are doing, re the history (brought up-to-date) of Summerhill Road and the inhabitants past and present.

For whatever use the following, you are most welcome, but its a very short span of Summerhill Road.

I and my family moved into Summerhill Road somewhere around 1930 but I cannot be too specific on that score. I was the eldest of my brother Reg and sister Hetty. For myself I was born in 1922. I joined the Territorial Army approx. 6 months before the declaration of war. I moved around a bit: Singapore, India, Ceylon. I even managed a short spell in England.

I got married in 1952 and we had a really good party recently for our 50th Anniversary. My brother had his 50th earlier this year, and once again a very good time was had by all. We had another enjoyable get together on my 80th birthday.My wife and I have 4 remarkable children( 2 boys and 2 girls) of which we both feel rightly proud. 

Well as you can see I have not exactly set the town alight. I must apologise for this scribble that passes for writing. That's my excuse anyway.

I must close now. Wishing you all the very best for your project.

Ted Miller

(Note: This letter has been reproduced for the Internet site from the original written by Ted Miller)

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