Snippets from Tottenham's History


Although the 'Summerhill Road' website is predominately focussed on residents past and present and the history of Summerhill Road and the local area, we do from time to time receive snippets of interesting historical information from Tottenham in general. We therefore decided to create this additional section within the 'Menu' as a useful repository for articles of this nature.

We plan to list the items below and you simply need to CLICK on the desired heading to provide a direct link to the article:

Date Added Description
May 2004 Blind Charlie - Charles Bradford
July 2004 Billy the Woodman
May 2004 The Moselle River
May 2004 Belmont School Teachers
Aug 2004 Harry Champion - Music hall Star -Tottenham Connections
Aug 2004 Prince Bonaparte of West Green (Louis-Lucien Bonaparte)
July 2004 The Burglings of TUTT - History of Tottenham - Fred Fisk
Nov 2004 Sir Rowland Hill -Founder of the Penny Post
Nov 2004 The Tottenham Outrage - Jan 1909
Dec 2004 John Williams- South Seas Missionary
Dec 2009 John Williams-Historic Reconciliation Ceremony
March 2010 John Williams- Possessions & Documents
Jan 2005 George Gissing - Novelist -(Summerhill Road Connections)
March 2005 Percy Perrin - Cricketer - (Summerhill Road Connections)
Feb 2007 Flooding Problems in Tottenham
June 2007 Luke Howard - A man with his head in the clouds
Nov 2007 Eagle House School-Tottenham Green -Rypinski Picture
Jan 2010 Sergeant Robert 'Tug' Wilson - WW2 Hero - Battle of Anzio
Jan 2010 Photographs - Catastrophic Fire - Alexandra Palace - July 1980
Oct 2010 Humorous Postcards- Tottenham Girls
Oct 2010 Sir Julius Caesar - Born in Tottenham ?
Dec 2010 Writing an oral history of Tottenham - Melvin Hurst
Dec 2010 Annie Elizabeth Chase -Tottenham Memories - A Victorian childhood
Mar 2011 Fred Fisk - Local Historian, Bookseller and Photographer
August 2011 William Hobson of Markfield - Builder of the Martello Towers
January 2012 Harris Lebus & I - Tottenham Memories by Mark Bailey
February 2012  Stephen Rowe- Tottenham Memories -St Anns Church Bells
February 2012 Seven Sisters Trees- A History
March 2012 Arnold Lynch - Wartime Code-Breaker- From Downhills Park to Bletchley Park
January 2013 What ? A Sailing Club in Tottenham ! - The Lea Valley Sailing Club - Ray Warren
February2014 The Swap Shop - West Green Road Tottenham
October 2014 Myalls Shoe Shop - West Green Road Tottenham
February2015 The Rifleman Pub- Birthplace of Matchbox Toys
May 2015 Walter How- Member of Shackleton's Expedition to Antarctica
May 2015 William Atkinson - Eminent Victorian Violin Maker
May 2015 Daphne Bradley - Tottenham Memories from 1940's & 50s
July 2015 Benjamin Godfrey Windus - Art Collector - Tottenham Green
December2015 Priscilla Wakefield- Author and Philanthropist 1751-1832
November 2016 Denningtons Bakers - West Green Road- A History (1920s)
December2016  There's No Place Like Home - Susie Macey (Mayes)- Emigrated to America 1892
December2016 Julia Maria Holt (Verstraete) - Wartime Heroine    Nelson Road Tottenham
July 2017 Origin of the name of Tottenham - Our Local History
October 2017 Arthur B Purvis - WW2 Chief of Supplies
February 2018  Tottenham Grammar School-Westminster Abbey Ceremony
March  2018  Henry Hunnings (1842-1886) - Clergyman and Inventor
July 2018 Talbot Baines Reed - Victorian Author of Boys Book and Reed family of Earlsmead Page Green
July 2018 James Smithson - Benefactor - The Smithsonian Institution
February2019 Memories of a Forgotten Tottenham Factory - Karl Schunmann
July 2019 Ambridges - Historic Ironmongers and Hardware store- Bruce Grove Tottenham
Dec 2019 Arthur Joseph Meadows - Victorian Artist - Former resident of Summerhill Road
Dec 2020 Memories of John Dickinson's -By Ken Clarke
Dec 2020 Tottenham & District Gas Company - By Terry Nunn
 Jan 2021 Harby's Greengrocers - Summerhill Road    
Jan 2021 From Tottenham to Cottenham - Introduction to 'A Tottenham Childhood'- Barbara Phillips
Jan 2021 A House Through Time - 11 Summerhill Road - History
Jan 2021 Tottenham Memories - Jean Walters
Feb 2021 Harringay Arena and Stadium
Feb 2021 Ralph Barwick - Hero Korean War- Recognised by Gen Douglas MacArthur
Jun 2021 Reminiscences of the Phillips Family (Mary Phillips 1840-1915)         
Aug 2021 Auger Fishing Tackle - Summerhill Road - Tottenham
Dec 2021 Peter Brown - Hand Drawn and illustrated Local History Booklets
Dec 2021 Doug Bruton - WW2 Hero -Wartime Experiences
Dec 2021 Dicky Bird's Ice-Cream - Tottenham   
Feb 2022 From Normandy to The Elbe - WW2 Experience - J.W.C. Robinson
May 2022 Brian Clifford - Obituary (Journalist - BBC Producer- American TV- Horseracing)
May 2022 Music Memories from the Swinging 60s - John Maskell
Sep 2022 Alfred H Coleman - Summerhill Road -'The Fountain' West Green Rd and Spurs Secretary 1909-1927  
Sep 2022 Samuel Goldstein-West Green Road-Survivor of the Holocaust WW2 
Feb 2023 Geoffrey John Hall - Artist - Born Tottenham     
Feb 2023 Thomas William Moy - Aeronautical Pioneer - Short time resident of Tottenham.
Mar 2023 Doctor.John Louis Sykes 1871-1948: Former player and Vice President of Spurs
Mar 2023 Moubray Family - Dalgety Bay Fife Scotland-Tottenham Connections
Apr 2023 West Green Road Murder 1913 - Family Fued 
Jul 2023 Cecil Victor Shadbolt - Pioneer Aerial Photography
Aug 2023 Harold Charles Kenworthy - Codebreaking Bletchley Park
Nov 2023 Henry Tracey Coxwell 1819-1900 - Pioneer Ballonist and Aeronaut
Dec 2023 Augustin Starey - Commemorative Clock - All Hallows Church
Jan 2024 Marianne Welsh - A life of Song and Dance

      Background Image: Front cover -'History of Tottenham' by Fred Fisk

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