The following tables list extracts from the recorded census reports for Summerhill Road for the 1861,1871,1881,1891, 1901 and 1911 Census's. Prior to 1901 the addresses were identified by house name rather than house number.. It is a shame that these wonderful House Names have been either forgotten or obscured over the passage of time.

If required Ray Swain at 11 Summerhill Road has full copies of the census returns for all 5 Census reports. These would provide details on ages, places of birth and professions of all members of the household as recorded by the census enumerator.

These are the STRAY house numbers for which it was not possible to match House names with House numbers over the 5 census periods.


NUMBER NAME DATE FAMILY NAME NOPEOPLE Occupation:Head of Household  and  comments
  Melrose House

1891-Between Havelock Cottage & 17 Summerhill


1881     Not shown in 1881


  Commercial Traveller

6 Dudley Terrace Philip Lane

1881 Hill 6 2 Servs Beer House Keeper         Other occupants include an Elizabeth Innocent, Warren Tye and Elizabeth Knott


Between #20 & 26     Cannot match to any other census

1861 Baker 4 Retired Dyer
  Between #44 & 52    Cannot match to any other census 1861 Horsey 5 Labourer
  Between #44 & 52    Cannot match to any other census 1861 Warren 5 Gardener
NOTE: It Would appear that in 1861 the houses at the top of Summerhill Road were know as Western Terrace but by 1871 they were renamed Summerhill Terrace - Please refer to following list for Western Terrace as it is impossible to match the different addresses.
  14 Western Terrace 1861 Bradley- Joseph 2 Designer
  13 Western Terrace 1861 Davis-William 3 Post Office Clerk
  12 Western Terrace 1861 Smith-Charles 6 Retired Farmer
  11 Western Terrace 1861 Thompson-John 6 (1 Serv) Bank Clerk
  10 Western Terrace 1861 Watson-Sophia 2 Annuitant
  9 Western Terrace 1861 Blanchard-William 5 Engraver on Wood
  8 Western Terrace 1861 Rummney-William 10 Tailor-Master

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