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We are most fortunate in Tottenham to have the wonderful facilities of Bruce Castle Museum to help us with both Family History and Local History projects. The Museum houses the archives for the Borough of Haringey which include local maps, census returns newspapers and a splendid selection of historical photographs. The Museum also arranges Exhibitions and workshops for visiting groups.

Bruce Castle is a grade 1 listed 16th Century manor house in 20 acres of parkland. The oldest surviving parts of the house were built by a member of Henry VIII's court, William Compton. Since then, Bruce Castle has been modified several times by owners including the Coleraine family. One of the wives of the 2nd Lord Coleraine is said to haunt the building.


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An Early illustration of Bruce Castle House The 'Round Tower' Bruce Castle Museum and Park


Sir Rowland Hill's family ran a progressive school for boys at Bruce Castle during the Victorian period. Sir Rowland reformed the British postal system and became famous for introducing the the Penny Post. Bruce Castle opened as a Museum in 1906 and now houses the Borough of Haringey's local history collections and archives.

There are also two local groups who help further the work of the Museum and support local History projects in the Borough. They are:

The Friends of Bruce Castle (FoBC)  who are a registered charity established to support Bruce Castle Museum and its services. Anyone wishing to join the group should contact The membership Secretary, Friends of Bruce Castle, P.O Box 35958, London N17 8WA.

Haringey Local History Forum who are dedicated to preserve and enlarge its knowledge of Haringey and surrounding districts. Should anyone be interested in becoming amember then please contact: The Secretary, Haringey Local history Forum. P.O Box 25687, London N17. 6FW.

Sadly we are informed that the 'Local History Forum' has now been disbanded but some of their functions have been absorbed with those of the 'Tottenham Civic Society'.

Tottenham Civic Society. The aims of the society are to educate the public in the geography, history, natural history and architecture of Tottenham. Furthermore their objectives are to help secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of historic, environmental or public interest in Tottenham.

Anyone wishing to join this group should apply to The Membership Secretary, Tottenham Civic Society, 61 Durban Road, Tottenham, London N17 8ED


We acknowledge the help and support provided by the Museum staff in the development of our 'Summerhill Road' website which has been invaluable. The extensive information we have gathered about Summerhill Road and the surrounding area of Tottenham could not have been achieved without their help.

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Note: If you wish to go on the Museum's mailing list then you can contact them as follows:

The Curator, Bruce Castle Museum, Lordship Lane, Tottenham, London N17 8NU.

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