The Burglings of Tutt

This work of collections of sketches on burglars is written by R.Andom and which appeared at various times in the 'Royal' magazines and other periodicals of the time. Mention is made several times of the Burglar passing through the district. TUTT, having stolen a horse and cart one night and not knowing what to do with them, decided in the Epping road to just leave them in a field. Just at that moment a man with a bike, which he was trying to ride, came up remarking about the bike that he did not like these beastly thing. A suggestion was made that the horse and cart be exchanged for the bike (for a while) which was pleasing to both men. TUTT soon left the horse and its driver behind and made his way to Edmonton where a man knocked him off the machine and swore that he had stolen it !

TUTT was taken before a Edmonton magistrate and, after the man proved that it belonged to him, TUTT was sent to prison for 6 months. He had swapped the horse and cart with the man who had stolen the bike ! (THAT'S JUSTICE )

( Source: Extract from Fred Fisk's History of Tottenham page 235. Since no date or full name was attributed to the story and was written by R. Andom this could be a spoof as RANDOM looks a ploy. Therefore it could just be a nice story by Fred Fisk. Even so its sound real enough. )

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