You can use the following two links to view extracts from the recorded electoral rolls for Summerhill Road taken at two significant dates in the road's history. The first is V.E day in 1945 and the second Coronation day in 1953.  We are grateful to the 'Archives Dept' at Bruce Castle Museum who have allowed us to annotate this information from the published electoral rolls and to present it on our website.

Unlike the Census reports, the electoral rolls only list the people of voting age who were resident at the time of the survey. Therefore no details are provided on ages, children or occupations. Nevertheless it will serve as a nostalgic reminder of the friends and neighbours who were living in Summerhill Road on these two historic dates, many of whom have contributed their memories to these pages.

                        Click HERE to view the ODD numbered houses

                    Click HERE to view the EVEN numbered houses

We plan to record in the column to the left of 'Comments' an asterisk (*) to signify that we have contact details for members of this family. You may contact Ray Swain for details of their addresses and telephones numbers as we cannot publish this information on our website.

Clearly we are always trying to contact past residents so if you are aware of the whereabouts of your old friends or neighbours please do not hesitate to let Ray Swain know.

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