Over many years Tottenham has proved to be very susceptible to flooding in places. From reports written about the River Moselle, during periods of heavy rain in the Muswell Hill and Hornsey area, it was the River Moselle that carried much of the stormwaters away. This was fine for the residents of these neighbouring boroughs but by the time the waters reached the River Moselle in Tottenham it would often cause heavy flooding. For this reason many sections of the Moselle as it flowed through Tottenham were culverted over in an effort to contain the flood waters. However, even these measures at times could not prevent flooding.

The following are a few photographs to illustrate the flooding problems in Tottenham over the years.

Moselle-Carbuncleditch-2-1906.jpg (48005 bytes)

Culverting the Moselle Brook at Scotland Green in 1906


Flooding Green Lanes Harringay in 1937

floods_green_lanes_1937.jpg (40312 bytes)


Children in Harringay Road Tottenham 1937

harringay_road_1937.jpg (113296 bytes)


floods-asplins_road_1957-8.jpg (45787 bytes)

Flooding in Asplins Road Tottenham circa 1957/8.

Photograph presented by Rita Gregory (nee Mart) who is pictured on the right hand side of the picture


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