St Philip's Church is situated at the very top of Summerhill Road and has been a place of worship together with Christenings and Marriages for many residents of Summerhill Road for nearly 100 years. The church stands on the corner of Clonmel Road, the foundation stone was laid in 1906.

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St Philips Church -1911   (Copyright Bruce Castle Museum)


We have received from Alan Keighley a former resident of Lismore Road a wonderful account of his time spent as a member of the 113th North London Scout Troop who were based at St Philip's Church. Alan's memories cover the post war period from the mid 1940's until the mid 1950's when the Boy Scout movement was arguably in it's prime. Click HERE to read more about Alan's story.


With thanks to Janet Perkins we have received an old copy of the church magazine dating from February 1933. It contains some splendid advertisements for businesses operated in both Summerhill Road and Philip Lane at that time and some interesting articles on local community activities. We have attempted to scan in some of the very fragile pages which are now reproduced as  follows.

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