Tottenham Hotspur have kindly supported our appeal for people to come forward with their memories of the events surrounding the Downhills Shelter tragedy in September 1940. In addition they sent a representative from the club to attend the special commemoration ceremony in held in November 2008.

The 'Spurs' have always featured very highly in the local community and the support they give to local hospitals and youth projects is well documented. However, in the dark days of the Blitz in September 1940, they were called upon to provide a temporary mortuary at their ground in White Hart Lane. Such were the numbers of people killed and injured in air raid incidents at the Downhills Shelter and Stoney South as well as many other localised bombings, the hospitals and mortuaries could no longer cope with the unprecedented demand for their services.  .

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Extract from Spurs Website that promoted the memorial appeal


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Extract-Spurs Programme v Bolton 26th Oct 2008

The people of Tottenham will therefore be forever grateful to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club for the unequivocal support they gave at a time of great need in September 1940 and the continued help and support they give to give to this day.

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