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The name of 'Horseshoe Coaches' was very strongly connected with transport in the Tottenham area from approximately 1928 and many people will remember their distinctive two-tone Blue livery which was once a familiar sight on the highways of Tottenham.  Horseshoe Coaches were one of the most popular choices in Tottenham in those post-war years when day excursions to the coast were in their hey day. Many will also remember their use for local school trips to swimming baths and theatres etc.

The main garage for 'Horseshoe' was sited between numbers 14 and 16 Summerhill Road, and its probably this connection that will be prominent in many peoples minds. Although the main booking office and a small garage was situated in Culross Road just off West Green Road, most of the vehicles were garaged in Summerhill Road.

We have acquired some interesting memorabilia on Horseshoe Coaches and are indebted to Mervyn Askew from Willington in Bedfordshire who has provided much of the material and given us invaluable help and support.

We have also been fortunate in contacting David Rutter who is the son of the former owner of Horseshoe Coaches. David has ensured that the name lives on and today operates 'Horseshoe Passenger Transport', which provides a mini-bus service for Airport and Hotel transfers and pick-ups etc. Please refer to David's website from the link below.

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WB01708_.gif (339 bytes)        Photographs

WB01708_.gif (339 bytes)         'Taking up the slack' -Bus & Coach Magazine Jan 1952

WB01708_.gif (339 bytes)            Horseshoe Memories- Alan Swain

WB01708_.gif (339 bytes)             Horseshoe Memories - Ray Swain

WB01708_.gif (339 bytes)             Horseshoe Memories- Raymond Holmes

WB01708_.gif (339 bytes)             Horseshoe Memories - Ronnie Jones

WB01708_.gif (339 bytes)            Summerhill Road Garage Tottenham Herald - May 1947

WB01708_.gif (339 bytes)            Summerhill Road - Viney's Coaches

WB01708_.gif (339 bytes)             A Historical Guide to Horseshoe Coaches - David Rutter

WB01708_.gif (339 bytes)            Imperial Coaches - 32 Summerhill Road - 1927

WB01708_.gif (339 bytes)             Horseshoe Passenger Transport Webiste - David Rutter

             (The Horseshoe Name Lives on - Plus Horseshoe History)


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