Humorous Postcard's - Tottenham Girls

We have recently received from  one of our regular contacts a wonderful collection of old photographs and postcards that depict the Tottenham Area over the years. Within this collection were a number of old humorous postcards that refer to the girls of Tottenham that we are sure many people will find both amusing and of interest.

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Endean's Leather Shop occupied a site near  Bruce Grove, Tottenham for many years !



As we  work through the old photographs in the collection we plan to feature some of them in an updated version of our 'PHOTOS' section when we will also sort them into key interest areas that hopefully will make them more identifiable and easier to find.

October 2010

December 2015 - Added Devonshire Hill and Fresh Air from Harringay

April 2018:  Added  - Beaties of Tottenham - Nothing to beat Tottenham -No crime to kiss in Tottenham

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